Never miss out anything with the Wikilerts

“Wikilerts” is a combination of the words “Wiki” (community-driven content) and “Alerts”.In other words Wikilerts is the wikipedia for alerts  which is a community-driven alert platform on all topics.Today there is a massive lack of specific alert services. There are tons of feeds you can subscribe to (RSS feeds, newsletters, Twitter-feeds etc.) however they send you

Mem-note – Turn you notes into knowledge

Mem-note is a tool for anyone who doesn’t want to forget the notes they have taken. Designed around the tried and tested learning techniques of active recall (attempting to remember the item given a cue) and spaced presentation (presenting reminders over a period of time). The web app attempts to make this simple, and the

TalentCove – Effective tool for Goal Setting and OKR for Teams

TalentCove is a light-weight app to implement OKR based goal-setting approach. Easily set objectives, track key results and instantly see progress in a simple dashboard.This goal-tracking software helps teams and high-growth companies drive execution excellence and build a high performance culture.v OKR is a goal setting approach that is increasingly popular at innovative and high growth companies

MerchantNegotiators – Market place for the credit card processing

MerchantNegotiators is the first online marketplace where business owners can shop for merchant account services from 40 providers with transparent pricing and features.It help small and mid-sized businesses to find better and cheaper merchant services.It is a website that creates a better way for business owners to find, compare, and obtain Merchant Account Services.To accomplish this they offer:

Megavenues – Lets you find the best places and venues

Megavenues host all the information needed to select the perfect venue – be it for weddings, private parties, get together, conferences, meetings, training, shows, promotional or any other event.Their user friendly interface makes sure that you get your venue information anytime, anywhere and can reach the perfect venue on the go. The company is Co-Founded

bountyApp – Get rewarded for just walking into places

bounty is a free mobile app that rewards you for checking in at places! Every time you walk into partner places, the app’s ‘intelligent assist’ feature automatically recognizes your location and alerts you to collect reward points. Interestingly, this technology works even without your GPS being on or when your 4G/3G is switched off too.These reward points can be redeemed

Giftxoxo – A Marketplace for unique experiences and gift vouchers

Giftxoxo is a curated marketplace of unique experiences and gift vouchers in India. They work with over 1000 experience vendors offering over 2000 experiences. They work with over 400 corporate clients and over 22000 direct customers across India making their special days more special since they started in April 2012. “Don’t dream your life, live

Instapage – Helps to build landing pages easily

Landing Pages are singular pages that have been designed with the core focus of getting conversions. It is a page where you direct your advertising traffic when you want to score some conversion action.Unlike your homepage which is a giant buffet table of all the product and services that you offer, your landing page is

WeddingPlz- Helps to search the best wedding vendors

WeddingPlz was launched in Jan 2014. Weddings are the one of the biggest event in a person’s life. There are more than 100 areas that need to be taken care of and a huge amount of networking is required. One can never be sure if the vendor one have selected out of referral is the

Artistivity – Helps you to book entertainers & artists for a live performance

Building on the idea of ‘personalized live entertainment’ , Artistivity, started with a small team of just 5 people & today, they are India’s largest artist database and the first-of-its-kind artist network in the world! With 3500+ artists from musicians, singers, DJs, dancers, emcees, stand-up comedians and celebrity speakers, it’s the only platform where you

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