BrainCert – Cloud based e-learning platform

BrainCert is a cloud-based all-in-one educational platform that comes integrated with 4 core platforms in one unified solution – courses platform, online testing platform, award-winning virtual classroom, and content management system. It results in significant cost savings, increasing productivity, and secure, seamless and enhanced user experience across all platforms.   Brief about the 4 core

Fratmart – P2P marketplace for college students to Buy, Sell & Connect

Fratmart is a technology start-up in the higher education space. It is a revolutionary peer-to-peer marketplace where college students can connect with their peers for the purpose of buying and selling used stuff such as course books, study material, class notes, novels, electronics (speakers, headphones, etc), course accessories (drafters, calculators), etc in the comfort of

With StrollUp you can plan your day out

StrollUp provides a way to explore your city with ease. We provide complete outing itinerary for a single day, crafted with best activities and places for your outings in your city. They are creating a single platform for all types of activities (food, drinks, movies, events, shopping, bowling, trending places, tourist attractions etc.) and give

Akosha – Helps to Chat with Businesses in Real Time

Akosha  is a messaging platform for all consumer to business interactions. On one end we have brands that use their backend system, OneDirect, to have a personalized interactions with their customers. On the other end, for consumers, their app is a platform, a single place where they can get in touch with any brand in

RentSher – Online Rentals for Anything & Everything

RentSher is India’s first end to end online rental platform where you can find literally anything you want on rental available with complete payment and delivery service. They provide things like kids costumes, toys, accessories; home appliances, electronics, Projectors, sports equipment, camping gear, cycles on rent, and service for event rentals. You can also upload

MealoHolic – Marketplace to connect foodies to HomeChefs

MealoHolic is a marketplace where people can discover delicious homemade foods from home chefs in their vicinity. Home chefs will prepare food personally in their kitchen with the freshest of ingredients to satisfy your gratification for food. Homechefs can pursue their passion of cooking with a taste of independence. No hassle of setting a shop

Never miss out anything with the Wikilerts

“Wikilerts” is a combination of the words “Wiki” (community-driven content) and “Alerts”.In other words Wikilerts is the wikipedia for alerts  which is a community-driven alert platform on all topics.Today there is a massive lack of specific alert services. There are tons of feeds you can subscribe to (RSS feeds, newsletters, Twitter-feeds etc.) however they send you

Mem-note – Turn you notes into knowledge

Mem-note is a tool for anyone who doesn’t want to forget the notes they have taken. Designed around the tried and tested learning techniques of active recall (attempting to remember the item given a cue) and spaced presentation (presenting reminders over a period of time). The web app attempts to make this simple, and the

TalentCove – Effective tool for Goal Setting and OKR for Teams

TalentCove is a light-weight app to implement OKR based goal-setting approach. Easily set objectives, track key results and instantly see progress in a simple dashboard.This goal-tracking software helps teams and high-growth companies drive execution excellence and build a high performance culture.v OKR is a goal setting approach that is increasingly popular at innovative and high growth companies

MerchantNegotiators – Market place for the credit card processing

MerchantNegotiators is the first online marketplace where business owners can shop for merchant account services from 40 providers with transparent pricing and features.It help small and mid-sized businesses to find better and cheaper merchant services.It is a website that creates a better way for business owners to find, compare, and obtain Merchant Account Services.To accomplish this they offer:

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