Tips on How to Survive Without Cash

Demonetization is testing our daily life cycle. Suddenly, we need cash and we are finding it tough as the banks and ATM’s are revamping their systems to disburse new notes. In this cash crunch mode, how can you survive? Here are few quick tips related to it:-

Tip # 1 – Change your debit card PIN and other details

  • As you will use your debit and credit card very often, it is important to change the PIN and other passwords on a regular basis.
  • However, most of the final authentication is done via Card Grid or OTP authentication; it is still viable to change the PIN after every couple of months.
  • It is important to remember them and not write them anywhere.

Tip # 2 – Buy LYF Mobile Phones or Buy JIO

  • As net consumption is one of the major billable factors, you can now buy LYF Mobile phones and start the Wi-Fi Hotspot or get a Jio As the rush is high, you will easily get the phone or the SIM card and save your network bills until March.
  • You can also use software to download Facebook videos, Youtube videos and download Instagram videos and watch it offline to save time/phone battery and network data also (Though it is free, you will end up losing time on seeing the video and charging the phone simultaneously)

Tip # 3 – Find a Grocery Store That Sells Vegetables and Fruits Also

  • It is important to find a store that sells groceries, fruits, and milk at one place and plan weekly delivery.
  • As it is wintertime, you can order the vegetables and other ration in bulk. It helps you to plan your budget and not spend unnecessarily on online food orders.
  • You will be surprised to know that one single food order is almost equivalent to your weekly ration budget quota.

Tip # 4 – How to pay if you have an ordinary phone

  • If you do not have a smartphone, you can use the USSD method to transfer funds to the grocery store from your normal handset.
  • To use this service, you can dial *99# from your headset and start using the service. If you only know to converse in your local language, it is time to buy Micromax Mobile phones and opt for its 100% local language support to access the USSD features smartly.
  • As per the USSD rules and regulations, you can dial *99# to access the banking services. For language specific access, you can dial *99*22# also. For this, you need to ensure to link the mobile number with your account. Then, you need to dial this code.
  • Once you have dialed the code, you need to type the first four letters of the IFSC code. Next, you need to choose the option ‘Fund Transfer – MMID’. Now, you need to enter the mobile number and MMID along with the amount and your MPIN.
  • Last, you need to enter the last four digits of the account number and the transfer is completed.


  • These four tips can help you to stay away from ATM and reduce the number of trips to the bank.
  • In addition, many Indian companies like Intex and Lava offers economical Intext and Lava Mobile phones that have GPS capability. Therefore, you can always go on cashless mode.
  • One final hack is that if you have to take out cash, go to the bank and ask for Rs 10 Note denominations. You will end up saving more money.
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Lisa Parker

Lisa Parker, a techy geek having keen interest in all flashing trends in the market whether it’s related to gadgets, technologies or anything.

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