Top 7 Courses after 12th Science – Help You for Your Bright Career

Each year almost 10 million students completed their 10+2 education from different boards across India and seek for the career options and path to follow further. Considering class 12 the last stage of school life, it is very important to take a next step carefully as it is the foundation to build a long life career. However there are people who changed their path of career when they found their interest somewhere else but instead of doing the same we can learn from their mistakes. The article is about Courses for whom who completed their class 12th in science stream and looking for the options, hopefully this will help you to make the decision.

There are two groups in 12th science one is PCM (Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics) and second is PCB (Physics, Chemistry and Biology). And both have different paths from here however few courses accept students from both backgrounds. We did a little research and prepare this for all the candidates to help them further. Happy Reading!

Courses after 12th in PCM and PCB

Followings are the courses which we selected as seeing the scenario in today’s world, however there are endless course for which candidate can apply and it is advised to find one related to their keen interest as it is trendy and of course it opens opportunity for something remarkable.

BTech/B.E.: is the best well known options for the students who completed their class 12 in PCM as there are companies who prefer students from this degree. As compare to others graduation, engineering have more jobs and opportunities.  Further candidate can go for master degree like MTech and enters into teaching. There are colleges like IITs, NITs who are on the top of list and there are endless numbers of private colleges as well from where one can pursue their degree and get job in both private and government sectors.

MBBS: Choosing Biology over Mathematics in class 12 indicates interest of one to be a doctor, and MBBS is always the best choice for this. The good doctors are always in demands. Candidate can go for MBBS and become doctor in government or private organization or also setup their own clinic.

Veterinary:  For animal lovers, this is an opportunity to go after their dream, it not just provides opportunity to take care of animals but also every day is new and challenging, you will never know who will enter from the door today, the salary is good. This field is specially designed for animal lovers.

B.Ed.:  Teaching line is considered as a most balanced life and candidate can choose this for a career options as it provide appropriate money and enough time for other works as well. And for that candidate has to complete Bachelor in Education for which also requires a bachelor degree in arts or science.

Government Jobs: If candidate wants job security and stability, good consideration in society and various facilities provided by the government can go for it, jobs like SSC (The staff selection commission), Railway jobs like Ticket collector, station master etc., Indian Army, Clerk (upper and lower division), Postal/sorting Assistant, Indian Navy, Indian coast Guard etc. are options that candidate can consider.

Merchant Navy: Why Merchant navy, the answer, pay is quite good, the life is around the sea and full of adventure and travelling is the plus factor. At the age of competition, this could consider good options for building a career.

Diplomas in Various Field: Candidates who fail to take admission in Btech or MBBS or any other courses can go for Diploma in both fields as there are a plenty of it apart from these technical and medical diplomas there are Diploma Courses for Animation and Multimedia, Event Management, Yoga, Film making, video production and Editing, English Teaching, Fashion Designing etc. which cannot be ignored. These diplomas basically show the keen interest of the candidate in particular field.

What are the other options?

Candidate can also choose from courses like BSc, BCA, BArch, Commercial Pilot Training, Fire and Safety Courses, Armed Forces (especially if you are patriotism enough), Mass Communication, LAW, Language Courses (Foreign Languages are promising), Hotel management(if you have interest in cooking), web development and designing, Diploma Courses. BDS, Homeopathy, Ayurveda, Clinical Research, Public Health Administration, Occupational Therapy, PHARMA D, BSc in Nursing, Bachelor in Physiotherapy.

How to find which one is better and suitable?

This could be tough to answer as there are various factor in order to find the perfect one, however it is advised to students that choose a career which is based on their keen interest as money, post, security are the subject of time they are not permanent, however their interest in one field can support them even in the time of crisis. So in other words every field is better in their own term of judgment.

How to find which one is hard or which one is easy?

There are lots of career who demands more working hours however the reward is also promising according to their work, it was time when people were curious to go in engineering field as workplace and salary was quite good, but over the time as number of candidates are increased this effect on the salary factor however it is still quite good and more as compare to other career options. There are professions like teaching which has few working hours and quite relaxed. Basically government jobs and bank jobs are considered most relaxed and reliable however getting one from these is quite difficult.

An Advice so keep: There are lots of fields, branches and sub branches in which candidate can build their career after class 12 however it is advised to go after your passion and keen interest. Every field is promising and has big names and that happen because of their dedication, efforts and passion. Working longs hours is never that interesting in any field however if it is in your keen interest then you will never get bored. It happens mostly that people change their career even after their 30’s or 40’s to follow their passion. Every profession is cool if it is in your keen interest. And there are plenty of career counselors who can guide you after checking your interest, past and your activity to choose the right one. Candidates can also go for it before taking a next step. Good Luck!

In case of any query regarding Courses after 12th science, you can write to us in the comment section below.

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