V T Bharadwaj(MD of Sequoia Capital) sharing experiences over the years at ‪#tsparks‬

VT Bharadwaj Managing Director at Sequoia Capital sharing some of the experiences over the years. Captured by yourstorydotin during TechSparks 2012.
Some of the experiences are as below :
1) Sequoia Capital Stats: Investing since mid-2000 with a $1.2 bn fund. 70+ investments till now.
2) Things Sequoia look for a) Large addressable mark
b)Evidence of Customers loving the product/service
c)Team/Entrepreneur. Most of the time it is just the entrepreneur, the team usually comes after that.
3) It is important to continuously tweak the scalability of your business model.
4) Only hire people you like, and trust.
5) Usually encourage startups to have bi-polar mode.
6) Testing product robustness in India takes a lot of time.
7) Keep patience while developing product.
8)Once execution starts, be impatient with growth.
9) It is very very hard to clone businesses -that is what we have learn as investors in India.
10) Realities of the Indian market are very strange.
11) If it is very technology and IP driven, then we are comfortable with the idea stage.
source: twitter.com/yourstorydotin
Compiled by: @Geekopedia/ http://geekopedia.me/
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Curated Content from the Editorial Team of Geekopedia

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