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Most budding entrepreneurs and first generation entrepreneurs are faced with a common challenge. How to give life to their idea and to make a business out of it? What are the first steps one should take to ensure they do not fail even before starting up.Well now keep these fears at bay because today we introduce you to Inkat: An innovation and product incubation centric organisation helping entrepreneurs launch new technology based products and solutions in market

Inkat assumes you already have an idea and you are striving hard to make it into a meaningful concept.Your next steps include building a proof of concept and demonstrate to potential investors or partners that what you are saying is really possible and practical and then launching a lean minimum viable product that you can build the rest of the journey around, raising serious venture money or steering it further yourself

Broadly speaking it is this three step journey that Inkat designed this setup around. So, if you have been talking about your idea to a few folks, they would like to see it in action before they can support or meaningfully engage with you. And thats where Inkat chips in. Inkat and you work together to bring out some thing very compelling that allows you to get to the next stage. And how do they engage? First, they prefer to link their success to yours via participation in equity and second, bring in their technology infrastructure and know how to execute what needs to be executed at a much lower cost for you.

 “We bring silicon valley technology execution capabilities via innovative new business models and price efficiencies of globally distributed”

InKat was founded in 2012 with the aim to fill-in a gap that today’s technology focused companies have failed to address, and that is to transform the role of technology from a support function to a core driver & source of differentiation for a business. While lot of people talk about this, the trick is to ensure that true focus of business shifts from managing technology to leveraging the best that technology has to offer to further business goals. This Bangalore based incubator operates in part equity and part fixed price model. They also have cloud based subscription revenue model for few of their products. They anticipate a CAGR of 50%+ for atleast next 3 years and stabilising to 30%+ for next 4-5 years thereafter.

“We have successfully helped multiple entrepreneurs move quickly from concept to prototype, Angel investment and through large series A investments”, adds Inkat

Inkat has been truely living upto its vision:

Help the creation of ‘New’ by bringing in the best that technology offers today and by pushing the limits of what technology can do tomorrow. And by making it easy for an entrepreneur and enterprise alike to leverage the same. Do as much heavy lifting as we can do so that our clients can focus on their ideas and business execution

and we hope it continues to heart first gen entrepreneurs and help them take their initial steps comfortably in this long entrepreneurial journey that they have chosen to walk upon.

Know more about Incubate by Inkat through this video

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Curated Content from the Editorial Team of Geekopedia

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