Lessons Learnt From the Secrets of Great Geek Leaders

Extravagant narcissism is just one of the personality traits associated with geeks. But this isn’t a negative characteristic. In fact, this self-obsession makes geek leaders more open to new experiences and adventures.

Of course, this does not explain ‘the type’ all geeks are, but it surely highlights a tendency you can find in that culture. Geek-ness brings with it the need to belong and what better place could there be other than leading an organizational team.

Geeks want to fix things, learn more, make money, and build products. When given a chance, they love to develop more innovative and creative skills that help them excel in their career.

People like Alex Algard of the Whitepage and Ben Huh of Cheezburgers have definitely set a great example of how geeks can become great leaders and entrepreneurs. The ‘street cred’ they possess in both technology and science space also adds to how pioneering they can be when it comes to setting an example of great geek leaders.

So what do we learn from their experience? What sets them apart? How does being geeky helped them stand out in the crowd? Here are the secret traits of geek leaders and the lessons we need to learn.

Lateral Thinking

Geeks are the masters of finding solutions to problems and situations they are entirely unrelated to. They can see the connections between ideas and data to recognize the pattern and come up with even better ideas.

Geeks can recognize patterns from quite an early age. Things like handwriting, language, and faces are associated with experiences which are recalled when needed.

A geeky leader knows how to blend information through feedback, suggestions, available data, and all other possible resources to come up with solutions. Geeks do this by:

  • Reading the data and sources, again and again, to seek all the possible associations to generate innovative ideas.
  • Encouraging the people around them to follow the same approach.
  • Questioning conventional thinking and improving with every attempt of resolving the issue.

Question a Lot

Geeks – even those who are not into leadership – have another common trait: they love to ask questions.

This is another secret trait that helps them become great leaders. Until and unless they are satisfied with the answers of both “Why” and “Why Not,” they won’t give up. This ‘geeky’ way of thinking through a problem makes them inspiring.

Geeks excel at various other mental traits because of their tendency of questioning so well. These include experimenting, recognizing, and observing. They can think beyond the conventional pattern to come up with all the possible solutions. It helps them hold on to their competitive edge.

What we can learn:

  • The key is to look beyond the surface problem and get to the root cause of why it occurred in the first place.
  • Challenge popular and established beliefs and mindsets – even if they belong to the members of your own organizational team.
  • When it comes to creativity, believe there’s absolutely no boundary.
  • Through words or actions or both, make other people follow the same direction.


Geeks are the ultimate masters of innovation and experimenting regardless of how big or small the problem is. They wouldn’t mind whether the project is a tiny little gadget or a significant online platform. All they are focused on is the success they achieve at every stage and the chance of growth.

For geeks, failed experiments are not the end of the world. In fact, it gives them another chance to improve results. This can be a great skill to utilize in leadership as well.

Leaders who are not ready to take the risk will never row the boat. Since geeks are experimenters, there are bigger, better hopes.

Here’s what we can learn:

  • Find as many sources to learn as much as possible about technologies that are launched recently. It could be a gadget or a new social media platform or any other service.
  • Think as different people to have a different approach to problem-solving. Usually, traveling helps geek leaders attain this attribute.
  • Observe and read the patterns of how others are experimenting with new technologies and utilize them to achieve better results.

Positive Approach

Geeks are positive people. They have the tendency to see and hold on to the silver lining regardless of how bleak it is. In some cases, their optimism can be almost insane – especially when it comes to believing that their team is the best and can do what others cannot.

As crazy as some of their predictions sound, they are the people who do not only establish a billion-dollar worth of business but also have a successful team that believes in the vision. The optimism of geeks can be adopted with the following lessons:

  • Do not give ear to negative comments and bad news. Knowing what’s happening around and wrapping your arms around it to cry are two different things. Instead of focusing on the problem, focus on solving it.
  • Look for inspirational people around you. These should be successful people who know how to work through all the odds including financial, economic, mental, or physical challenges.
  • Test your own positivity and see how long you can hold on to it. When in a desperate situation, find out if you still can see a bright side.
  • Have a company of optimistic people. If you encourage your team to follow the same approach, you will be a set of optimist people who know how to overcome stressful situations with ease.


Many people believe geeks are isolated people. They can gel in or make people work together in an organization. They love their private space and likes to be alone. Let’s bust this myth first.

This is a personality trait that doesn’t really have to do anything with a geek. Some people are naturally outgoing while others are not. But being a geek cannot keep you from networking, working with people, and ensuring they are leading the most positive, hardworking, loyal, and dedicated team of people.

In fact, geeks are innovative thinkers and one thing they appreciate the most is meeting people and learning from their experiences. They focus on the value of learning about people from with different backgrounds.

Geeks view their team, employees, or the network with their extended brain power as if they are a resource to their creativity.

These traits help you learn:

  • How becoming more social can help lead a team of people with real minds and emotions. Joining different associations and clubs can also help you connect with like-minded people.
  • Utilize social media to your best interest. Connecting with people on different platforms can help you grow your network and improve your experiences.
  • Stay close to the people you work with. Earn their trust and encourage them to see the vision you have as clearly as possible.

Final Word

Geeks are different. They have a unique drive about them that makes them quite interesting and attractive. The mental traits are definitely a plus – in fact, they are impressive enough to encourage people to work under their leadership.

So here we have it. The fantastic secrets of geek leaders and how they use their geeky traits in becoming the famous leaders they are. Following these lessons is an excellent way to spot your weakness and focus on toughening up your own mental strength like a geek.

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Ronald Mccarthy

Ronald Mccarthy has been known to write regularly on the top trends in Finance and Marketing and takes particular interest in the Finance industry. His pieces are well-researched giving the reader a quick and comprehensive Knowledge.

Ronald Mccarthy

Ronald Mccarthy has been known to write regularly on the top trends in Finance and Marketing and takes particular interest in the Finance industry. His pieces are well-researched giving the reader a quick and comprehensive Knowledge.

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