Meet Prajyot Mainkar, Editor-in-Chief, Androcid – India’s dedicated portal for Android News

Did somebody say Android? Asks, India’s dedicated portal for Android News, Android Updates and App logo-AndrocidReviews. Founded by Prajyot Mainkar in January 2012, Androcid has reviewed various apps across the globe. It allows developers to showcase their apps on this unique platform in a unique way called as the video app review mentioning all the features. Not just from India, they receive app review requests across the globe.

Androcid is also closely related to conducting various workshops, events and training across India. It works closely with Goa Android User Group (GDG GAUG) and (India’s Largest Android Dev Fest). Androcid recently organized Goa’s First Android Developer Conference – NitroDroid 2012 and is India’s 2nd largest conference after Droidcon. More about it :

We got an opportunity to get in touch with Mr. Prajyot Mainkar and talk to him about his venture. Here are some great insights that we found about Androcid

Geeks (G): Tell us how it all started? The story behind the inception of Androcid

Prajyot (P): How it started? Well, I would say just a belief. As the quote goes by Robert Bolt, “A belief is not merely an idea the mind possesses; it is an idea that possesses the mind.” A belief that I wanted to contribute to Indian society not just by developing a portal that attracts regular android enthusiastic readers but also bind readers to portal to catch-up with latest happenings in the world of android, the events/conferences and also, highlighting the works/success stories of Android developers across India.

“Being Android Developer myself, I wanted to provide a DIFFERENCE, rather than be a regular android news portal. I wanted to focus on smallest efforts of Android Developer and showcase apps they develop making other developers to try-test their apps to give a valuable feedback.

Today, Androcid is not just about android news and updates; it also focuses on Development community. Well, Androcid bridges that gap of android developers to app consumers.

I’ve been tech blogger for more than 6 years, writing in tech magazines, print media and online media but there needed a change to bring a central focus to a domain of my interest and then, in January 2012 I finally decided to go full-swing with Androcid’s Idea and concept. And it worked well.

Prajyot Mainkar
Prajyot Mainkar, Founder & Editor-in-Chief, Androcid

G: So, apart from you, how many members are there in your team?

P: Well, I am the only founder of Androcid. But we do have a team, a chain of writers who regularly contribute to the Androcid. It would be unfair not to mention those developers who regularly write to us about the apps they develop and expect Androcid to cover it.

So, for me, every person who contributes to the portal is part of the Androcid team. Thus justifies the quote of Androcid, which goes as, “Did somebody say Android?

G: How do people come to know about Androcid? Is there a marketing strategy that you follow?

P: To be honest, I have not spent a penny over marketing of the blog. I just use conventional means of promotion, online presence and using the powers of social media. I feel, Androcid covers most of it’s marketing via social media itself. Incase of new promotion activities and service launches, we have regular online events to grab attention of people and participants.

I owe special thanks to those who spread the word about Androcid. They themselves visit the portal and instigate more people to do the same.

Also, some companies have tied-up with us for their app promotions, product launches, Event promotions and see Androcid just as a promotion platform.

“Androcid is not just a Platform but Knowledge ecosystem for Android Lovers.”

G: How do you see the growth of Androcid, a couple of years from now?

P: Within a year, Androcid has already taken a leap by making users be aware of Android technology and domain not just by readers’ virtue but also in Android development arena.

We hope to continue serving the users and developers the way we are as of today, holding many more events such as Hack-a-days, hackathon, android code labs, etc. in various cities in India. This would allow Android developers to make a contribution towards Android ecosystem in india.

G: Could you tell us something about your recently launched Job Portal – DroidJobs?

P: Androcid recently launched India’s First Android Job Portal DroidJobs – India’s First Android job Portal and is open to all employees with no investment i.e. no cost to submit or join. Various companies like Drona Mobile, are others have job submissions for recruitment. Although LinkedIn is still king when it comes to finding jobs, DroidJob helps to narrow your search.

Androcid just doesn’t cover android news but also regularly keep users updated of company’s Social Media Events and Promotions.

We also have tie-ups with HasGeek, Google Developer Group’s across India to promote and cover the events such as Droidcon, GDG’s Events etc. We allow this platform for developers to show case their app and appreciating efforts from developers. Androcid holds annual event “NitroDroid” which is Goa’s First Android Developer Conference and 2nd largest in India. You can know more about NitroDroid here

G: Finally, would you like to tell something to our readers to ponder upon?

P:I would like to say – Everything works around a DREAM and, if your dream is not worth laughing at, its probably too small”

About Prajyot Mainkar :

Mr. Prajyot Mainkar is the Founder and CEO of the leading Product based organization, SPM Softwares based in India. SPM primarily innovates products on Android and Content Management Systems. He is also an Android developer advocate and early adopters of Android Development who expertise in android based commercial apps including domains like GCM,NFC and Social Apps. He has been mentor for various mobile app building strategy and initiatives across the world.

He also serves as Editor in Chief of Androcid, A dedicated portal of Apps, Development and Frameworks in Android. He is alumnus from BITS Pilani with a project Management Professional degree from IIT Delhi. He is an agile evangelist and also Mentor to Google Developer Group Goa, Technical Head of Android Division at GDG Goa ; and Head- GDG Goa Android User Group which is only the 2nd official android user group in India after Bangalore. Besides, he is also head maven for the Start-up Saturday in Goa, which boost entrepreneurship in Goa.

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Curated Content from the Editorial Team of Geekopedia

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