Meet young & dynamic entrepreneur who started at an early age of 19 – Akshay Agarwal

Pic 2Meet Akshay Agarwal – Young & dynamic entrepreneur who started at an early age of 19 & has achieved such positive growth in a short span  of seven years. He Co-founded Tech-Active in 2006 which is a innovation focused digital creative agency.His areas of responsibilities currently include International Business development, marketing and strategy, across all domains of the organization. He serves as the Managing Director at AS Global Ltd, UK and is also on the board of Green Utilities Limited, UK. He holds a master’s degree in IT management from the Lancaster University, UK.

In an exclusive interview with the Geekopedia Team he talks about his entrepreneurial journey and the things that mattered. Excerpts from the interview:

G (Geeks): What prompted you to be an entrepreneur?

A(Akshay): I always wanted to be an entrepreneur. I have grown up seeing my father take risks, meet challenges, failures and success in his business ventures. Since my school days, I had a clear vision of what I wanted to do in life. I believe that if you have certain aspirations in life, sometimes the only way to reach them is to be an entrepreneur.

When I was 16, I created an alumni CD for my seniors in school wherein the software had detailed information about all students and their contact details. I charged each student a sum of Rs.600 for a CD. But the real opportunity came at Jain College during my graduation where we had a lot of apprenticeship programs. In one such program each student was given a budget of 1000 rupees and the students had to invest that money in a business. I started a printing business with that sum of money wherein I decided to print projects for the students, bind them and deliver it to them. This initiative was really motivational for me as with an investment of just 1K, I managed to earn 80K. Post that I started my own company at the age of 19 called Akshay solutions. My first project was to create a website for the BBM department of Jain College and today we are digital and technology service company delivering revolutionary ideas to global clients. I finished my Masters from the University of Lancaster and by then I had gained sufficient knowledge & understanding of the IT sector to take on the world at a larger scale. I then co-founded my company Tech Active with my friend Noorul Ameen, who has played a key role in the growth and success of Tech Active. With an extensive experience in Digital Media Consulting and UX strategy, Ameen is presently responsible for new business, digital marketing and design strategy.

G: A few lessons you would like to share from your journey so far and a brief us about your business.

A: Patience, hard work and commitment towards what you do are particularly important to achieve your dreams. Once you start your business venture, creativity, understanding the sector, your clients with quick decision making ability is extremely crucial. Customer satisfaction is the key to success. And if you have a good team who has same passion and goal as you then there is no looking back. Grow and innovate fast because Information Technology is an ever changing market.From delivering efficient mobility solutions across the logistics sector, to implementing enterprise applications for warehousing & retail industry, Tech Active collaborates with clients to help them become high-performance businesses. We work with some leading brands such as Mahindra, Future Group, Haldiram, Capgemini, Polaris to name a few.


Ranked as one of the Top 10 mobile development companies in the UK, our unparalleled experience, comprehensive capabilities and passion, help our clients achieve their business objectives. Our approach revolves around gaining a clear understanding of the interplay between the customer, business, brand and technology. G4S and London Underground corporate website are some of our major works.We have also developed some ground breaking products and installations that have been exhibited in many countries around the world and always have something up our sleeve that we want to make next!

Incorporated in 2006, Tech Active’s efficient team in United Kingdom, Middle East & India help clients navigate the digital & enterprise landscape to exploit the right services, solutions and platforms to achieve their final goal – profitability, productivity and customer satisfaction.

Tech Active also creates Enterprise level systems. At present we are working with the largest sugar producer in Vietnam where we will be developing and implementing a Plantation ERP i.e enterprise resource planning thus helping them to manage 20 thousand hectares of land. The software is a seed to sale enterprise system by which it will help the company manage everything from seed to producing the final product.It is developing a Web Showroom for the automobile industry which helps automobile dealers create a better brand presence online. We are working closely with Advaith group in Bangalore on the same.

Tech Active has also developed an online text messaging platformBuzoonga which was introduced in the UK market last year allowing businesses to send and receive text messages across 175+ countries. This platform helps businesses to improve business productivity and increase sales. Stella Artois, P&G and Titan are few of the many companies which have benefited from this platform.Tech active has offices in UK, India and Middle East and now plans to expand to USA as well.

G: Being a young entrepreneur how hard was it to convince your loved ones and family about your inclination towards entrepreneurships and starting your own venture.

A: Not very hard because as I mentioned earlier, I have grown up in a business family and when I told them about my entrepreneurship plans, they were very supportive. Also since I started out at the age of 19, I didn’t have apprehensions of failing as everyone likes to take risks at that young age. Investment though was a challenge but because I started my business on outsourcing basis, the cost was less and as the company grew, we started developing our in house team and today Tech Active employs around 75 people in India.

G: His words to encourage the entrepreneurs out there to start something of their own

A: Seriousness, commitment and a positive attitude are the key to success. Stay focused, believe in yourself and move forward with the zeal to achieve your dreams.

“Logic will get you from A to B but Imagination will take you everywhere.”- Albert Einstein

G: Anything else you would like to tell us?

A: I have always believed that if you are facing in the right direction, all you need to do is keep walking. Today, Tech Active is a one million USD enterprise and we are expecting a growth of 20% to 30% in the coming year. Tech Active is an innovation focused technology company and we want to emerge as leaders in this space in the coming years. We’re honored to have successfully partnered with world’s leading companies & brands across various industries (auto, retail, financial, hospitality & medical) gaining a broad perspective on how digital strategy can impact a client’s goals.

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Curated Content from the Editorial Team of Geekopedia

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