Rahi Jain, Founder, IndiaRush, Tells how the Startup Expanded Without Streamlined Funding

Meet Rahi Jain, Founder, IndiaRush, A hub for online shopping place that caters diversified online women wears and aims to bring up the exquisite features of traditional Indian wears designed by local artisans at PAN India level.

In an exclusive interview with Geekopedia, the IndiaRush Founder, Rahi Jain tells his story and How he expanded IndiaRush without streamlined funding

1. Let’s start off with an intro. Mind telling us a bit about yourself?

Since the college days, I was more into building websites, e-commerce channelling, and social booming. During those days, I first made a related project for the Virtual Stock market for college fest. From that day, I have become an active participant in many startup communities, conferences and other related social events.

Thanks to my luck and struggle worked, I started my career with an Internet company – Ibibo, specifically to learn about the internet and switched over to Letsbuy to sense the core of the social industry.

2. May we know the special name of your startup?

IndiaRush is just like our own baby for whom we have dreamt a lot and today, we can see it in the list of the pinnacle. Let’s start from the very first when we had had no idea about bootstrapping, e-commerce platform, and revenue model or how to contact with sellers or dealers. But then after toiling much like 20 hours a day (you see, you work more when it is your asset), we set a benchmark.

3. Mind giving us a brief about your company?

IndiaRush acts as a brand to consumer marketplace where it caters trendy line of apparels and clothing to women. The company exists to cut down the inefficiency in fashion marketplace while providing the same product at a much lesser cost.

Normally, when you buy a product, the rate has been forwarded and increased in price by each and every layer and when it comes near it becomes 8X in offline market. To provide the best instant shopping experience with fast deliver, we are here as the ultimate solution.

When there is a whorl of competitors outside, you can’t expect result in a snap. It takes time and a lot of toil.

4. Since when have you started this, and what keeps you going?

We started our very own venture in 2012 and the related struggle and decoding them, are some of the little bits which keep us moving. Of course, when you gain a part from your investment, it feels like you have been treated by heaven but in this case, when there is a whorl of competitor’s outside, you can’t expect result in a snap. It takes time and a lot of toil. Then there was the courage of ignorance as well, which helped us to ignore the negative parts such fear in investment, fear of failure and etc. This is how we just moved on and on and still moving for the pinnacle.

5. How did you conceive an idea for your startup?

Just after the college, when I got a chance to visit a Startup conference from the University, I also got an offer from Infosys which I declined with a grave heart. Because this is not my intuition were pushing for. After the session, I paid more attention to Product Internet Company.

In 2009-2010, when social was on the peak, I joined Ibibo as a software engineer in the mobile department. There, I used to develop and build social games which gave me an opportunity to come closer to the social platforms. During the free session at home or in weekends, I built a website on Twitter service to check sports score and get updated commentary. 2012 was the time when we sieve into the e-commerce platform and at that time for us, revenue was more important than profit. In our initial days, we focussed on standing till last and being more impactful with every passing time.

6. Why have you chosen to be an entrepreneur?

I always wanted to start something of my own. I have been active since college days in the startup community and tried with 2-3 social websites during my college days. Finally saw the market maturing during the e-commerce boom and decided to take the plunge. Building great product used by masses was always the dream.

7. Share us your enchanting and inspiring experiences in your way of the journey by now.

The most wondrous thing that I can still feel is our 180-degree shift from home decor products to complete fashion line. We had had less volume in home decor and electronics’ products due to disposable income.

After two to three years, we moved to fashion accessories, specifically watches where most of the time, the demand was repeat less and one time only. And for the same reason, we feel it safe and innovative to switch to core apparel line of men and women.

8. What are some current projects you would like people to know for C-T-A?

We have initiated a program of Brand value enhancing under which comes creating fashion videos, a separate section of Fashion Edits or blogs and a valuable very own social platform – Look Book for social shopping.

9. List of achievements your venture has attained by now.

Today we are a proud team member of a website which boasts 1.5L users per day, making records of 45K orders per month and ready to break with every successive day. The Fashion Blog or Edit page grabs a whole of 10K + visitors per day and we make sure that we not only proffer 50K+ styles but have wide information on the same too.

IndiaRush has a PAN India reach and maintains a hearty relationship with reputed banks, coupons partner, telecom and wallet partners.

10. Who or what are your main sources of inspiration?

If it’s for a big industrialist then obviously I would go for Steve Jobs, the man who taught the world to dream big with the courage of ignorance. His inspirational deeds against the big daddies – Microsoft and IBM boost me a lot to at least take a risk for your dreams.

On the second number, my team plays a great role to inspire me to do the things in a right way. We are a team of many young people who have joined us to achieve big. That’s a lot of pressure which I need to fulfil to make my efforts perfectly worthy.

Third, are the customers who chose us over many other competent e-commerce websites. They trust in our service and our team work hard to level up with their expectations.

11. Finally, what do you want people to know about your work?

We are a styling and fashion brand connecting directly to the consumer while cutting the inefficiency of unnecessary market prices and down rated sundry. We want all of you to believe in online shopping as much as you trust in the promise of a shopkeeper of your street. That thing comes gradually and we make it really fast with competent price and quality.

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