Ritu Grover – Providing the work life balance for working classes through The Global Helpdesk

With a substantial Experience in the area of administrative outsourcing solutions, Ritu Grover started The Global HelpDesk 18 years back to provide Programs and lifestyle management Solutions to Corporate Houses. Making her idea into reality, she built this empire and now she successfully provides services to more than 400 top MNC’s & companies across India.

Her Expertise lies in Concierge Services, Mailroom Management, Expat Management and Rewards & Recognitions – Optimising Costs & Productivity because of which she is successfully handling the global help desk.  

Ms Grover has bagged many awards as an entrepreneur, Appreciation award by CNBC and AMEX in 2009, Valued Partner Award by Wipro in 2008 and 2009. Ritu Grover has a degree of Interior Designing from New York School of Interior Designing and has done her schooling from Army public School.

In an Exclusive interview with Geekopedia(G), we get to hear directly from Ritu(R), her inspiring journey, lessons learnt along the way and much more. Read on

G: What prompted you to start The Global Helpdesk?

R: In the early 90’s when I was a working professional juggling between my work and family,  I always longed for “that” someone who would simplify my life and give me the GIFT OF TIME. That is when I realised that there was a strong need to balance the work life of the working classes. That is when I realized the need for that “someone” could be me. I could give that help that a busy professional is looking for. 

Our concept is a win – win for both the employer and the employees as it helps in letting them focus on their work spaces as well as allows them to spend quality time with their families.

G: You have come a long way in your entrepreneurial journey, It’s been 18 years since the inception of TGH, a few lessons that you would like to share.

R: A client in hand is better than those that you wish for. In our industry we get many demands that can be unreasonable. But giving up is not the answer. Patient thinking always gets the work done. 

Exceeding our customers expectations by achieving operational excellence to enable customers to get better benefits.

G: During these 18 years, there might have been some downtimes. How do you keep yourself motivated and get back up?

R: The heartfelt “thank you” makes us realize that there is something right that we are doing. And that makes us get back right up after a tough day. I have always believed that service industry is like a rice field where the crop grows together and following the same fundamentals we have ensured that TGH team and channel partners grow together with the same success story. Innovation and technology are the foundations of our growth.  

G: How important do you find relationships to be in building and leading a business?

R: Relationships are my strength.   Our biggest challenge was to a have dependable list of channel partners who could support us 24×7 so that we could exceed our customers expectations time and again and  be ahead to deliver. This relationship built over the years, professional. 

G: Being a woman, you are likely to shoulder more responsibilities. How do you manage this?

R: It may seem to be smooth sailing for some but it was not so as women do experience an uneven playing field . Most women today are opting for careers over jobs, requiring them to play multiple roles with superhuman capabilities. Competing priorities play a huge role and often reduces the amount of time we have to enhance our skills and develop as leaders – the biggest

The only stumbling block being, work life balance. The only way ahead was  to challenge the work head- on and keep going on whatever the complexities. 

I have been lucky to have a good supportive team who have had no qualms about being led by a lady boss and they have always looked forward to being guided and mentored by me.

Balancing of work and family is the biggest challenge in a working woman’s life. The guilt of not being able to balance is what we have to live with . To create the perfect balance is the most critical and difficult aspect. Another great challenge is not being able to freely network with fraternity and clients over drinks and dinner .

G: How would you inspire the young entrepreneurs out there, to start something of their own?

R: I would ask the young entrepreneurs to think out of the box. There is no short cut to success and cut copy paste does not work every time.

G: Lastly, What would be your advice to every professional men/women reading this interview out there?

R: My advice to every professional  shall be to work on lead by example style of management with a strategic vision and forecasting.

Leadership skills have to be inspirational.

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Curated Content from the Editorial Team of Geekopedia


Curated Content from the Editorial Team of Geekopedia

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