5 Online Courses to Help Your Business Ventures


A great business idea can occur to anyone, even those who has no background in business. The sensible thing to do is act on it, but you have to make sure that you’re prepared for the challenges. So many risks are involved when you start a business so you need to plan it well. If you have no idea how, you can enroll in classes first. After all, knowing the fundamentals of business is essential if you want your venture to succeed.

If going back to a formal school to get a business degree isn’t practical for you, there’s always the option of enrolling in online classes. What’s incredible about this form of informal education is most of the time, it’s entirely free! Below are some of the best business courses you can find online:

#1 Foundations of Business Strategy

A successful business doesn’t pop out of nowhere. Strategy is key for a successful business venture. This course provides common strategies in business and help students come up with their own strategic plans. Strategic analysis, industry structures and forces, firm capabilities, and competitive dynamics are some of the main points to be discussed. The Strategist’s Toolkit written by the instructor is a handy companion to this course.

#2 Management for a Competitive Edge

Having a business means you need to work with people and even manage employees of your own. Being a good manager is the key to being a good business owner, and this course emphasizes on that. Management theories involving leadership, communication and teamwork are also covered. It’s not just theories, too, but practical applications of the things you’ll learn in the duration of class.

#3 Developing Innovative Ideas for New Companies: The First Step in Entrepreneurship

Voted as the number one Entrepreneurship course on Coursera, this course introduces students to the basics of entrepreneurship. Students learn how to turn simple ideas into great companies and teaches variety of subjects from creating a business plan to raising enough money to start the company. Though the course focuses on how to start a business, students are armed with the basic knowledge and skills to continuously be innovative.

#4 Project Management Skills for All Careers

Planning a business is just one major project. Think of it as a school project but with more critical things at stake. This course is not just for businessmen but for anyone who has a project in mind. The course will cover the entire scope of project management such as planning, budgeting, analyzing, executing, scheduling and even evaluating. Management is something that’s not easily attained but it can definitely be learned.

#5 Technology Entrepreneurship

Believe it or not, useful online courses are available on Youtube, too. This course details the fundamentals of technology entrepreneurship which has become a huge influence around the globe. Though it focuses on businesses related to technology, students can learn a thing or two about the companies that made it big in the Silicon Valley. It discusses commercial opportunities, marketing ideas, gathering resources and a lot of other things. It even touches on social entrepreneurship.


Other online business courses:
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Kylie Prescott is a Journalism student with a minor in Business Administration. She currently writes for Essays On Time. You contact her via Google+ or Twitter.

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Kylie Prescott

Kylie Prescott is a Journalism student with a minor in Business Administration. She currently writes for Essays On Time. You contact her via Google+ or Twitter.

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