5 Ways how to Pull your Audience and not Push your Product

Here is the secret recipe on how to Pull your Audience and not Push your Product.

1. Know the Retail trends of today
The world today is internet centric. Statistics show that the Internet is the first place a majority of Web users go to when they are thinking of buying a product or service. Listening to customer needs with the help of advanced technology and social media to find out exactly where your potential customers are talking, whether that’s on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, or on other platforms, is going to be of great help.

2. Do the groundwork
The internet is the platform where you can identify the most effective sources of leads and creating mechanisms for attracting these people, with effective, targeted content. After interesting these people with informative, expertise-led content, you have effective channels in place to gather their information. Once that is done, based on the understanding that is gained from these channels, design your marketing approach and content around your customers’ buying cycle. This works better than enforcing your selling cycle on them. This translates to staying in contact with your audience with content that meets their particular level of interest and alongside, strengthening your profile gradually with them as an expert and trusted source. You gain loyalty first and then make a sale!

3. Create Specialized content
Next, create content that directly targets the demand you have identified through the listening stage to reflect the buying cycle in your potential customers. This is to make sure that the right information reaches the right leads at the right time. It includes online content such as articles, blogs, white papers and such. Generate such content and while doing that, identify and utilize the intellectual property and specialist knowledge within your business. This is your asset and applying it right will help raise your profile as an industry leader.

4. Build lasting Relationships
Engage in a conversation with your potential customers by building an audience for your brand. So, float your content around. Get it published, promoted, and distributed through social media channels, online communities, industry websites, forums, and Internet PR channels. It is imperative that your content gets noticed by the target audience. So, place it in the right places.

5. Finally, Perfect it
Focus on improving and growing your results continuously. This is enabled by constantly tracking and monitoring your results and continually updating content, message, and brand. A good idea here is to update your content. Have an eye on your reach, traffic, leads, sales, growth, and customer retention. While you publish content, gauge which content gains the best response from leads and existing customers. This insight can provide you with ideas for further posts that would improve traffic. Hence, a loop of continuous improvement is set going. And that is pull marketing.

The bottom line
It is seen that pull marketing delivers significantly better results than traditional push marketing techniques. With the advent of technology and ecommerce, buyer behavior is changing in response to the growth of the Web and social media. So, pull marketing makes it easier and more cost effective to drive leads and sales. And it needs to be done effectively.

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Andrea K

Andrea is an Operations Manager at LatestShipment.com

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Andrea K

Andrea is an Operations Manager at LatestShipment.com

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