Health is Your Wealth

Health is wealth, if your health is not okay, then it is evident that you lose your money.So you need to spend a significant amount of your income on your doctors and medical bills if you do not take proper food at the proper time.

You come across many people in your daily life who do not spend enough time on eating. Sometimes they eat food while engaging other works like watching TV, browsing the internet, studying and talking to others. By this eating one cannot wholly enjoy the benefits of food so they fall ill very frequently.

So have a look at the type of foods to be taken to stay healthy.


Your regular menu includes vegetables in various forms like curries, sandwiches, pizzas, burgers, etc. so know the benefits of every vegetable that you eat in your daily life, order your custom research here.

Some of the vegetables and their benefits are

  • Beans-inhibits constipation
  • Cabbage-cures cancer
  • Broccoli- toughens bones
  • Carrots-cures eyesight
  • Garlic-drops cholesterol
  • Onions- lessen the danger of heart stroke


Meat contains several amino acids and proteins that are essential for a healthy body. Types of meat and their health benefits are given below

  • Fish – improves eyesight
  • Beef – provides necessary iron for teenagers
  • Read meat – cures heart diseases
  • Chicken – cures breast cancer
  • Crab meat – keeps body weight in control by reducing unnecessary fats.


An apple a day keeps the doctor away. Not only an apple can keep the doctor away, but some other fruits also have massive amounts of vitamins and proteins that

Specific fruits and their advantages

  • Pumpkin – cures heart diseases
  • Mangoes – arrest bleeding
  • Apples – blocks diarrhea.
  • Strawberries – saves from dangers of cancer
  • Sweet potato-good for better eyesight
  • Apricot – cures anemia
  • Pomegranate – cures diabetes
  • Kiwi – cure cough and cancer
  • Orange used as an active ingredient in cosmetics
  • Watermelon – cures cancer especially prostate cancer
  • Pineapple – gives strength to bones

Dry fruits

You usually eat nuts spilled on desserts and other delicious dishes. Nuts have several antibiotics and toxins that help the human body to stay fit and healthy. Nuts can reduce stress. Some nuts and their benefits are given below

  • Almonds – relieves tension and annoyance
  • Cashew nuts – for enhanced digestion
  • Walnuts-skin and cardiac diseases
  • Raisins – cures jawbone and tooth problems

Diet plan to stay healthy

Your regular diet must include 2-4 portions of fresh fruits and vegetables, 4-6 portions of rice and its substitutes, 1-3 servings of meat and a minor quantity of fatty foods.

Do not eat

  • Deep fried food items.
  • Sweets with the high amount of sugar.
  • Storage foods and salty foods
  • Foods that have a high amount of spices.
  • Starchy foods
  • Coffee and tea
  • Foods with rich Fats like fast foods.

Always eat good food for the healthy functioning of the brain and physique. So be cautious about the food you consume and enjoy every taste of it. So eat healthy to stay healthy.

If you sit much of the time, for most of the days and months, you are like a fish that does not swim and a bird that does not fly. If this goes on, naturally the lazy fish and bird will not live a healthy life, and neither will all of us. A long time ago, our great, great grandparents kept strong and fit in their livelihood by hunting and farming, which included plowing, planting, harvesting, and running after the same fishes and birds. Today, most people suffer from all different kind of diseases like high blood pressure, gout, heart attack and stress-related disease which cost the world billions of dollars. The world should now stop eating and sleep like a pig, and take on some exercises.

Health means wealth is referring to a principle in sociology, What they are saying is that the wealthier you are you most likely have the best health care anyone can afford.

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Curated Content from the Editorial Team of Geekopedia

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