Top 7 Courses To Pursue After Class 12th If You Love Medicine

Students often are puzzled as to which medical course they should pursue after their class 12 board exams including CBSE, State Boards and so on as there is a sea of opportunities open right in front of them. From parents to the distant relatives, students are pestered from all sides regarding the best course students should pursue. From our observation, the below mentioned courses would be worth doing depending upon the tastes of each individual student:

1. Doctor

There is nothing much needed to be said about doctors as the profession itself is the backbone of medical domain as without their aid, one would not be able to treat patients for diseases of minor to major intensity.  To become a doctor in the country, the student has to hold an MBBS degree and specialize themselves in subdomains like neurology, cardiology etc.

2. Veterinary

The domain of a veterinary doctor is filled with exciting challenges especially if the medical aspirants love animals and is concerned about their health and welfare. The veterinary surgeon performs surgery on the animals along with vaccinating them to guard against diseases.

3. Homeopathy (BHMS)

Homeopathy is a field of alternate medicine that works on the concept that body rejuvenates itself due to its self-healing power. Homeopathy doctors take a holistic approach to treat patients after looking at the underlying causes of the illness.

4. Ayurveda

For a practitioner of Ayurveda, there  are different ways to treat patients like naturopathy or natural therapies customized according to the individual patient needs. You might have heard about this branch of science in your NCERT Textbooks. The therapies are held to fight diseases, lower stress and eliminate impurities.

5. Public Health Administration

This is a domain where major focus would be on fostering health care and hygiene among people in the society. The projects in the domain would be on the group level and individual level. The aspirants job responsibilities would include health care, administering and leading hospital activities.

6. Occupational Therapy

This domain deals with patients affected by social, physical, emotional and developmental problems.  The professional therapist focuses on rehabilitation of his patients by assisting them to move forward towards a productive and independent life.

7. Clinical Research

The scientists in this domain are always in search of the best way of delivering Medicare facilities to the clients.  Different kinds of experiments and researches are conducted by them on medical conditions and diseases so that effective treatment after proper diagnosis could be provided to the patients. If you are okay with working in research based laboratories for a major portion of your life, this would be an ideal career for you.


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