5 tips to plan a startup while working full time

Are you planning to start your own business and planning to quit your full-time job? Do you know that there is no need to quit your high salary job to run a successful business? These days many smart people are working full-time for a firm and at the same time managing their business also to make sure a passive income source is also there to support financially.

A lot of people are stressed out between their daily life and their passion. Yes, there are a lot of young guns who have dreamt of owning their own business but have committed themselves towards a full time job for financial satisfaction. However, if you have the passion for something else, you shall never be able to gain success when you are committed to something else. If you are working for a full time position in your office, you will hardly get the time to start your own business. Well, if you still have the passion, here are 5 tips to plan a startup while working full time!

How To Start A Startup Without Quitting a Full-Time Job

Behind the success of any success of any startup only dedication & execution matters most. If you have a solid plan and you know how to execute the same then no one can stop you to make it big, doesn’t matter whether you are working or not. Here I am sharing few of the core tips to manage a startup up with your job itself.

  1. Plan your business

Planning is a crucial stage where you need to find out something which you can easily experiment & manage while working full-time also. Don’t just get something big which may need huge time & dedication.Do not get yourself in the dreamy world. Well, if you cannot leave your job then you have to face the reality and plan up your business. Planning up a business not only means to have an idea of doing something but it actually means to execute for the business after researching for it. So the first thing that you need to do is to plan up for your business and understand the problems and also the backlogs that you shall be facing.

  1. Get into a routine

It is very difficult to manage time when you are engaged in multiple things at the same time. Don’t waste your time and stick to a routine so that you can get maximum time to plan & build your business.If you need to start up a business, you need to devote time for it. Of course, there was a previous routine for your daily life when you were just doing a full time work. Now you need to reschedule everything and get yourself a new routine. Utilize the maximum possible time in your day to set up your business. The more that you will be paying attention for your business, the more you can actually get an idea of what to do and how should you get your needs.

  1. Maximize breaks and holidays

Yes, consider your holidays or breaks as 100% time for your business rather than spending them with family or friends all the time. Generally weekends are best example for the same where you can work fully 2 days for your start up and execute the major milestones one by one strategically.If you need to devote your time to get your business started and run well, you need to give the time for it on your holidays. It will indeed be stressful but still you need to devote for it so that you can actually utilize the holidays and the breaks. You can analyze and spend more time which is needed for your business. At the start you may not find any benefits for doing this but gradually you will.

  1. Choose a good location

Location is one big factor to set up your business. It is indeed quite hard for you to travel long distances once for your office, for your business and also for your home in the same day. Try to maximize the route in between your office to your home. You can rent a place anywhere in between these two places or nearer to your house or your office. Thus it will save up a lot of time in travelling and you can use it actually.

  1. Start an Online Business

Although there are options for both online business & offline business, I would prefer to go with online business as this is very easy to manage especially when someone is working full-time.Well, with the growing trend of online users every day, it will be quite beneficial for you to reach out towards the people online. Moreover operating a business online can be done from your home also. This will indeed give you more opportunity to save time as well as utilize the time whenever you are at home. So try to utilize it much more by starting up an online Business.

So, do you think now you can plan to kick start your business? Don’t just think about it and give it a try. It may be very difficult to manage things initially, but if things go in a right direction you may become your own boss some day and quit your full-time job to enjoy the life of an entrepreneur.

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Santanu is a blogger by passion & a personal finance enthusiast, who shares experiences on insurance, investment, saving tips at MoneyGyaan.

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Santanu Debnath

Santanu is a blogger by passion & a personal finance enthusiast, who shares experiences on insurance, investment, saving tips at MoneyGyaan.

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