Startup AGAINN helps to redeem your Loyalty points anywhere

Againn is an online card-free common loyalty service with the catchword “No Conditions Apply”. They let you score points on your purchases, and (the fun part!) redeem those points at any store you want. So one don’t have to keep a track of points at different stores and one can use them up whenever and wherever you wish to.

When asked about how Againn came into existence we got to know that againn is their second startup and their first startup was Opinions.h which eventually leads to the birth of Againn. Opinions.h, was a social media optimization firm which they started in their second year at BITS, Pilani, in 2008. It was around the time when the idea of online marketing was setting in. They developed social media optimization strategies for retail firms, including Zomato (then foodiebay) and buytheprice. It became apparent to them that prime challenge of any e-commerce company was not to reach their customers, but to retain them. So they focused on developing strategies on making the customers stick. In their Opinions.h days, one of their core services was to design customer retention strategy for the clients. Soon they realized that it was more meaningful to integrate the individual loyalty programs of all our clients than run them individually. That is when they started exploring the option of turning it into a business model in July 2012. After studying some of the competitors like Payback, they gained confidence and actualized their idea, and hence Againn was born in Nov 2012.

Againn founding team comprises of graduates from IIT Guwahati, NIT Surathkal and BITS-Pilani. Nukul heads the marketing efforts and has worked in marketing consultancy and investment banking teams of fortune 50 companies. Nikita takes care of data analytics and has worked for global retail brands to generate actionable insights using sales data. Avijit and Kanica manage the tech side and have experience in data security and web technologies respectively.  Prior to Againn they were working for MNCs in their respective fields.


Main USP of againn lies in its simplicity which offers:

  • Short registration process.
  • Lifetime validity of points
  • Easy points calculations
  • Simple redemption process
  • Absence of cards

Loyalty Programs are about delighting your most valuable customers and Againn enables merchants to provide this delightful experience. Says Nikita

Currently they are providing their services only in the e-commerce space. They have already developed the technology to integrate with the billing systems of most offline retailers. The second phase of Againn would be to launch them in the offline space. They will roll out their second phase from Bangalore and they are in discussion with a few retailers to start testing the integration. They have a revenue sharing model where merchants pay for the additional sales that Againn generates for them. They charge no subscription or registration fee.  They are determined to be more than just a rewards program.

Geekopedia wishes Againn best of luck for future endeavors.


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Curated Content from the Editorial Team of Geekopedia

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