With startup Aircus you can create a website for your business in under 10 minutes


If you are among those non-techie founders who is worried about setting up a website for their business, well, worry no more.

Enter Aircus. This Czech Republic based venture lets business and individuals create simple responsive website for free. One doesn’t need any technical knowledge, just follow a simple wizard and you are good to go. The Created website works on all different devices from PC, tablets to mobile phones.
This platform is based on structured business data (location, contacts, about, services.) It helps businesses by connecting their newly created website (and their structured business data) with other Internet projects and keep them synchronized.

The team at Aircus is also working on “stream of business oriented data”, which will help SME get better understanding of what is going on the internet about them.

We help in enriching the website with data from other Internet projects and also enrich those project with data between each other. For example, if a business has a new photo on Google Places, we allow them to add this photo on Facebook and their website and so on making Aircus a structured business data platform

Aircus was founded in the last quarter of 2012. The team was consulting SMEs with respect to their Internet presence on a one to one basis. The idea then rose to create a platform to help more of them, and that’s how Aircus was born.

Prior to Aircus, the team was into different mobile and internet projects. In 2003, they had also created world’s first mobile multiplayer gaming platform for casual games  – Cotopia. In addition they also created mobile website builder called Wirenode.

In last 2 years, they have been consulting SME with social media, internet and mobile marketing. The team then collaborated all their capabilities into one, making a brand new platform called Aircus.

Aircus brings together to things. First, Creating a business website that which works on all devices, and Second, keeping businesses in control of their internet presence while creating their website. Most of the time, simple information like name, services, photos, contacts, opening hours are spread on many projects which the SMEs are not aware of. At Aircus, they aim to bring all this information together in an beautiful and responsive manner.

With more and more SMEs adopting this new service, the future looks promising for this venture. Furthermore, Aircus not provides with a free and a paid service. The SMEs will be able to get a simple website for free and see their business stream for free. In the paid version, there will be some more real time facilities added.

In the long run, Aircus aims to be a single platform, that would make life of SMEs on the internet easier.

Website: http://www.aircus.com

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Curated Content from the Editorial Team of Geekopedia

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