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Allevents is one of the largest event aggregations with a global presence in over 12,000 cities. In less than a year, they have reached to millions of unique visitors and more than 400,000 events posted every month. They have already 15 million users using who explore events happening around them.

The company has been co-founded by Amit Panchal & Ruchit Patel. “The initial days were tough”, Amit says. He further adds that they had a hard time contacting people or getting any updates about the events/meet-ups happening around the city. They couldn’t afford to lose any chance and so came up with the idea of All Events .Then in April 2011, All Events was officially launched. He also adds “AllEvents is a global platform that allows one to not only share their Facebook events quickly but also promote it. A simple and easy way to know what is happening around the city.”

The Co-Founders

The co-founder duo completed engineering two years ago from a well recognized college based out of Ahmadabad. Since then both of them have been exploring various technologies from time to time and have been playing with new technologies whenever they get the time. Both are hardcore programmers with different great expertise in their respective areas. Ruchit has expertise in UI/UX designing, system architecture and product execution while Amit has profound knowledge over Business Development, Market strategies and financial affairs.

According to them their SEO is the best among others as people searching for events land up to their website and get impressed with the excellent content they provide. With the good services they also rely on the word of mouth which helps people to know about them. Their future plan is to double the number of events with the increased number of users. They want to become one stop solution for any event happening across the world.

“The uniqueness of All Events lies in the way it simplifies the whole process of sharing and viewing events through Facebook Connect”.

By shortening it to just one mandatory step (Facebook connect) and automating the rest of the steps the burden is shifted from the user to the service. This automated system also helps increase the pool of events available. Currently they have a pool of more than 5.7 million events posted and accessed by more than a million users every month. The variety of events available to the user, when coupled with tagging helps them to satisfy the demands of both: a business person and a sociophile. To top it all up, they also have their own AllEvents iOS app and AllEvents Android app

So, if you have been missing out on your favorite events, AllEvents is the place to be..

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Curated Content from the Editorial Team of Geekopedia

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