aquabook is a unique water bottle, making sure that brilliant minds stay hydrated!

The aquabook is a reusable water bottle in DIN A5 format that combines comfort, design and sustainability. Its message: stay hydrated, stay genius!


Felix Durst and David Ziegler, two young entrepreneurs from Munich/Germany, have a strong vision: Their product idea aquabook – a stylish and easy to carry bottle – becoming the must-have for everyone who wants to stay hydrated in a genius-like way. As the name implies, aquabook is a reusable book-shaped water bottle that perfectly fits every laptop case or university backpack, produced in Germany.The project will be funded through Kickstarter starting on the 12thof October.

This vision is based on a serious problem: The global consumption of disposable water bottles increases by 10% every year. For decades, the beverage industry has tricked consumers into purchasing bottled water by applying shrewd marketing strategies such as making people believe that their water is healthier or tastes better than regular tap water.In fact 48% of bottled water in the U.S. is taken from municipal water sources, a.k.a. tap water, and then sold back to consumers at up to 3,000 times the cost of tap water. With bottled water taking 2,000 times the energy required to produce tap water on top of 38 billion water bottles of plastic waste annually in the United States alone, this consumer behavior poses a serious threat to the environment.

aquabook is striving to educate and encourage people to be more eco-friendly by introducing a unique reusable water bottle. To the founders it was important that their aspirations were also reflected in their product’s name. Therefore, the mergence of water and book seemed only logical to them, with the book as allegory for knowledge and ingenuity. “We believe that education is the most powerful weapon in tackling the problems modern society is facing today. Staying hydrated is crucial to maintaining brain activity. Studies show that drinking water can make your brain work faster.”

The aquabook is designed for smart people who care about their environment. The book-shaped gadget suits perfectly a busy and studious lifestyle and helps you to stay hydrated on long working days or during endless hours in the library. Due to its sophisticated slim design, the aquabook easily fits in every purse, backpack and briefcase.

In order to motivate people to use their aquabook even more, Felix Durst and David Ziegler made it personalizable :The aquabook is available in five different colorsand its cap also in five different colors (more colors will be available soon).Furthermore,the aquabook can be labeled with apicture, name or an inspirational quote. By using an advanced UV digital printing technology the labeling is not only affordable but also obtains permanent high-quality results. This option makes the aquabook an ideal gift for your friends, or a good merchandise article for companies or clubs.

The aquabook is fully designed and made in Germany. Produced out of TRITAN® (Eastman Chemicals), a synthetic that is BPS and BPAfree and recyclable, in a polymer specialized manufacture. Because of its temperature resistance, consumers are not limited to fill it up with water but they can also enjoy coffee and tea on the go. Despite its light weight, the aquabook is very stable and shatterproof.

A special cleaning solution helps to maintain high hygienic standards. The aquabrush, an exclusively designed brush that reaches and cleans every corner, can be ordered additionally. Four aquabook cleaning tabs, which are 100% sustainable and biodegradable,come with every aquabook.

All products will be shipped in a carbon-neutral dispatch. To compensate the carbon offset a sachet of tree seeds will be added to every aquabook package, in order to reduce the ecological footprint even more.


aquabook is a product from ZED Innovations which is a young company with the vision to develop innovative, sustainable products and services to facilitate modern daily life.They focus on environmental sustainability, highest quality and modern design to deliver smart solutions for everyday matters.

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