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Not long ago, Google Inc. talked about replacing passwords with something much stronger in the future so as to make users and their accounts much safer. Well, when Google was talking about it, an Indian tech startup did just that. Enter, Array Shield, provider of innovative Pattern based Two Factor Authentication Solutions. Two Factor Authentication implies the use of two independent means of evidence to assert an entity – “Something the user has”, “Something user knows”.

ArrayShield’s IDAS provides a secure alternative to password based authentication, by providing a Two Factor Authentication solution that leverages visual patterns that user can remember and a card that can be carried by user in his pocket. This revolutionary approach makes the authentication process highly secure and at the same time convenient and cost-effective to the user. By leveraging ArrayShield’s IDAS 2FA technology, organizations of all sizes can protect themselves from Identity Theft and have peace of mind.

How it Works

Instead of remembering passwords, in ArrayShield IDAS system users choose a memorable pattern(sequence of cells on the array) as their secret and carry a unique translucent card (ArrayCard) that masks the grid displayed on the screen. Every time they log on, they are presented with a challenge Array of random characters, which will be displayed on their computer screen. They then overlap the Arraycard and enter those values that are present in their remembered pattern, creating a secure, one-time secret-code at every login.


This provides very high level of security against various hacking attacks like Key loggers, Screen loggers, Dictionary Attack, Phishing, Social Engineering and Replay Attacks among others. ArrayShield provides protection against even the advanced hacking techniques like “Realtime Replay Attack” which compromise Hardware Tokens and SMS based OTP systems.

The Present & The Way Forward

Spending a significant amount of time in R&D Activity, Array Shield have built a strong pipeline of products in the Security space that the company would be launching in the market in coming years. The company is already present in US and Europe and are aiming for a further aggressive global expansion. The company is also actively working in Asia-Pacific and Africa through both Channel and OEM Partnerships. They closely work with channel partner community in terms of empowering them with technology details and reach out to the enterprises and help them in terms of addressing their business needs and risks jointly.

The company charges its customers based on one-time server + user license fee that varies based on server features and number of user licenses. From 2nd year onwards, there is an optional AMC component, which is 30% of the initial contract. Such a pricing mechanism makes the ArrayShield IDAS system cost-effective and easily affordable to users.

Array Shield has also signed up with iValue, the fastest growing VAD specializing in network security & storage areas. Along with iValue, they are already working with focused channel partners in each of the top 12 geographies.  Array Shield is emerging rapidly and when asked about their future goals, the management team had the underneath to say:

“5 years from now we have set a goal of becoming the most innovative Security Product organization globally with a suite of security products that will help the cyber world a safer place for everyone.”

A little about the Company

ArrayShield was founded in May 2010 with the vision of making secure authentication accessible and available to everyone. Started by Pavan Thatha (CEO & Co-Founder) & Rakesh Thatha (CTO & Co-Founder) and accompanied by Vasanth Gopalakrishnan (COO), the team wanted to address the current gaps in the market and to make authentication more secure yet very simple and affordable. ArrayShield is winner of Nasscom Emerge 50, RedHerring Asia 100 and many more awards for its pioneering innovation.

So, would you like to switch to this new, innovative and cost-effective 2FA system?  Try it out and let us know.

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Curated Content from the Editorial Team of Geekopedia

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