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ArtistBox is an iphone music discovery application that gathers your favorite artists in one place and offers you all the information you need to love them even more. It brings you their albums, news, concerts, bio, tour dates, pictures, gossip & more all in one app. It has been developed by Rborn & Dan Tamas , two programmers who love music and found out that the apps existing on the market were not offering enough information about the artists they loved. So one day, tired of waiting, they decided to get to work and build it by themselves.
ArtistBox was born 2 years ago as Dan’s idea. Unfortunately he did not have the time to develop it into the iPhone app he dreamed of so he germinated the idea for a while until the time was right to put it into practice.


The app is more complex than other music discovery apps in Appstore offering a more systematically approach to the artists’ work. ArtistBox gathers in one place their biography, discography (not only the one existing in iTunes), hi-resolution images, videos, local and worldwide concerts (based on user’s location) and up-to-date news. It is offering a complete overview of the artists the users know while encouraging them to discover new ones and share them with their friends
Some of the features of the Artistbox app are listed below:

  1.  It gathers all the artists you have in your library and lets you choose which one you love best. Share them with the world because this is what a real fan does!
  2.  It keeps you up to date with the LATEST NEWS related to your artists and allows you share them with your friends.
  3.  It brings you their FULL BIOGRAPHY.
  4.  It displays their full DISCOGRAPHY, not only the one provided by iTunes. Buy songs or entire albums, if available, in audio or video format. Listen or view samples if you’re undecided.
  5.  It offers galleries with HIGH QUALITY IMAGES.
  6.  It discovers VIDEOCLIPS featuring your artists so you can see and listen to them performing live.
  7.  It finds CONCERTS in your country or worldwide allowing you to add them to your calendar see their location on a map or even contact the organiser by phone or website. Share the event and attend it with your friends to multiply the fun!
  8.  It finds and recommends similar artists so you can expand your music collection.
  9.  It allows you to search for new artists because you are not limited to the ones it collects from your library.


As per the developers of the application they launched it with a set of features and more will be added with each new update. They intend to grow ArtistBox as an app but they also intend to launch a website that will be able to connect with the app and allow users to take their artists and music online and share it from the web. An Android version of the app is also scheduled to be released by the end of the year to allow them to reach users on this platform too.
ArtistBox is a paid application available for download on Appstore. It costs $1.99 and it has no advertising or in-app purchase fees.
So give a spin to the ArtistBox app and check out yourself.

Geekopedia wishes artistbox good luck for future endeavors

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Curated Content from the Editorial Team of Geekopedia

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