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Bubbles bring true letter-writing experience on the web. They’ve invented a something that they call electronic letters internally. It’s basically email but with handwriting and doodles. And essentially real time. Through bubbles users are able to send personalized handwritten notes to each other online in their language and handwriting along with the ability to draw, sketch, make a collage and put actual signatures on mails. Electronic letters via bubbles not only bring about an emotional connect that has been missing over emails since the beginning, but also they give an opportunity to netizens to derive more from their emails. It helps to be creative and engage in more than textual ways.


It was founded in 2012, when they were up in the trans Himalayan region without an Internet connection. For months they found people writing letters on physical paper, in their handwriting and local language. It was an interesting moment. So they thought to create something like letters but in electronic form. So they invented electronic letters on which people can express themselves just as they would on physical paper-i.e. handwriting, doodles, typing, painting etc. And yet it is a form of email. This unique concept has been founded by Arvind Nigam & Kumar Navneet.


Arvind                         Navneet

Arvind Nigam is an IIT KGP alumnus with keen interest in Guitar and art. Kumar Navneet is a UPTU Topper who is more focused on free and open source software. Both are hackers & currently are based out of Fremont, California.

They think electronic letters can potentially change the way people have connected and expressed over email. It is the post-PC email.

It is an innovative new application that brings true letter-writing experience on the web. It is email, but with handwriting and doodles. You can type if you wanted to, but doodle when your heart is on top. The electronic letters are delivered online to other bubble users — sort of like Evernote and Gmail smashed together — and the recipients could doodle on the mail they receive too! Handwriting adds that special dimension, gives mail a character, a personal touch that was not possible earlier. It is in beta at the moment. They expect Bubbles to reach 10 million users in 3 years.

Geekopedia wishes Bubbles best of luck for future endeavors.

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Curated Content from the Editorial Team of Geekopedia

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