Startup Chatvana connects Service Providers and Customers in real-time.

Chatvana (“Chat” + “Nirvana”) is a web service that provides interactive connection between users seeking information/products/services and online providers offering the same. It also serves as a real time lead generator for information/service/product providers and allows them to interact with their customers in a completely different way.


Chatvana is a self-funded venture which was founded in Bangalore in Oct 2011 by two founders, Jaihari Loganathan who has an experience of 20 years in networking protocol software development and has worked for various startups in Silicon Valley, and his friend who has 15+ protocol software development experience, spent more than a decade in US in startups and big corporates

While searching for any information user has two choices: first, search engines, which provide only passive search and second, forums, which provide an interactive platform for unique questions . However in the latter one has to wait for the responses of other users. Chatvana provides best of both the worlds. It combines the two and provides users with an interactive facility geared to answer specific search queries in real-time. Chatvana matches up the search query to the best providers who are online and enables real-time interaction hence reducing the waiting time as well as providing users with better clarity on the subject.

Chatvana basically provides three benefits to its users:

  • No Pogo-sticking
  • Real-time answers
  • Interactive

Pogo sticking is the act of jumping up and down through the hierarchy of a web site, repeatedly hitting the back button to move to the next item in a list. Hence users do not have to visit many websites to get information. It also provides real-time and interactive way to search for information.

Chatvana has also launched its android application as it needs its users specially service providers to be online most of the time for responding to the queries.

Chatvana is a free service for end users and they have the option of using the service without registering. For business providers, the basic service is free but they should pay a subscription fee when sufficient leads are generated.

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Curated Content from the Editorial Team of Geekopedia

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