How Digital Conferencing Solutions Help Startups Understand the Neural Processing System of Customers and Employees for Success

Businesses are giving up traditional marketing practices. Neuromarketing is the latest trend in the field of strategic digital marketing for businesses. Startups are mainly beginning to realize its potential for increasing their ROI (Return on Investment). Startups are also feeding on Neuromarketing as a solution for decreasing their TCO (Total Cost of Operations).

Neuromarketing has Become Strategic and Digital:

Neuromarketing has been around for almost a decade. It has also become digital in no time. Business globalization, digitalization and technological advancements are mainly responsible for it. This has made psychological marketing totally strategic and digital. This Digitalization of Neuromarketing has certainly forced startups to seek relevant solutions.

Taking this into consideration, startups are focusing on seeking relevant digital marketing solutions as a part of their digital marketing strategy. Therefore, their way of approaching their existing as well as targeted audience has completely changed. Much of the credit goes to the latest trends noticed in the field of strategic digital psychological marketing.

Audio will Remain in the Market:

It is not easy for every startup to succeed and get established as a powerful business house. Over 70% startups struggle on business front because they significantly lack ample resources and financial funds to seek unified communication tools/ solutions that they need to be able to interact with their clients and resources face-to-face.

This is exactly where Audio calls prove to very economical and productive and a kind of conferencing solution for startups to be able to get in touch with employees working from home and also with clients hailing from different parts of the world. Therefore, audio call will keep getting attention by the startups as an economical and very useful solution to persuade clients to get engaged in business relationship with them.

Video Conferencing Rules the Roost:

You are not daydreaming! You are reading it absolutely right. Almost 97% startups are investing their valuable time, money and resources to have an accurate digital conferencing marketing strategy getting the digital conferencing tools installed in their offices for a number of reasons mentioned below:

  • Nearly 3.8 billion population of the world is working from home for their employers.
  • More than 90% of employees feel valued connected to the company on psychological level to seek enough inspiration for exceeding the requirements and expectations of the clients of their companies. As for reason, they have smartphones, laptops or computers at their disposal to get connected to their seniors/companies from the comfort of their home or any part of the world.
  • There will be almost 5.20 billion active smartphone users in the world by 2020. All of them will be using Unified Communications tools like SKYPE, VoIP etc. to get connected to their service providers face-to-face through video conferencing. In this way, both startups/service providers can also utilize the potential of video conferencing.

In short, a Unified Communication software/tool providing the facility of audio/video call is a perfectly economic and productive digital marketing solution for startups.

The Burning Question of the Day!

 What makes a Unified Communication software/tool providing Audio/Video call facility just the most perfect digital solution for startups to make their strategic digital emotional marketing productive?

The Answer to this Question is Very Simple for Startups to Seek Solutions:

Startups need an answer to this question. Let’s take an example of Facebook for making it easy to understand for startup owners. Back in 2004, Facebook, one of the leading social media platforms in the word, was also a startup or startup business for Mark Zuckerberg. It is 2017 now. And Facebook has now become one of richest and most successful companies in the world.

As for reason, Facebook constantly focused on researching/studying neural processing system of its existing and potential users about its business promotion practices. This strategic move was a part facebook’s digital marketing strategy to be implemented on psychological level for increasing its user base as well as customer base for business to be able generate more than enough revenue and lead generation chances.

Some Important Things Happened as a Result of it:

  • Facebook optimized its website for better view and changed its outlook for impressing users and business owners.
  • When Smartphones took over social media market then people started using Facebook on their smartphones. This prompted the social media giant to optimize its website for mobile users. The social media giant having over 1 billion monthly active users developed its messengers and allowed startups to develop business pages to boost interaction with their client base.
  • Understanding/studying the neural processing system of its users and has provided the business an opportunity to interact with their existing and potential customers through live audios/videos on their official Facebook Business Pages.

Facebook studied the neural processing system of its users for fruitful implementation of its strategic emotional marketing strategy. All in all, Unified Communications tools help businesses to get connected to their clients and employees face-to-face from any part of the world. This is what makes UC tools a successful digital solution for startups to conduct fruitful digital conferences as a part of their strategic digital Neuromarketing campaign.

What is the Best Advice or Solution for Startups for Making Their Emotional Digital Strategic Marketing Fruitful through Video Conferencing?

Startup owners should focus on seeking solutions for video conferencing. Video conferencing solutions are very much affordable. The demand of video conferencing market in the world is growing at the rate of almost 10% per year. There are some more reasons of it.

  • All startups that opted for cross-platform video conferencing solutions to grow business and boost interaction with their existing and potential target market collectively recorded the revenue of almost $2.50 billion by the end of 2015.
  • By the end of 2020, this demand is likely to increase at the rate of nearly 20%. As for the revenue of startups seeking digital solutions for video conferencing to implement psychological marketing strategy effectively on digital front, is expected to reach the amount of $3.10 billion.
  • Taking all this into consideration, Startups owners are advised to opt for solutions like SKYPE, Viber and VoIP. These are Unified Communication tools offering high quality audio, video as well as text messaging features to help startups stay connected to their employees as well as clients from any part of the world. Investment on seeking video conferencing solutions will help startups read their customer’s mind and serve them accordingly to increase their customer satisfaction rate by 60%, employee satisfaction rate by 80%, and increase in ROI by 40% and significant decrease in TCO.

In short, startup owners will get a considerable opportunity to study the neural processing system for understanding and exceeding the expectations and requirements of their current as well as potential target market and employees with successful application of their strategic emotional digital marketing efforts.

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Ryan Atkins

Content Writer at SoftProdigy
Ryan Atkins is Content Writer at SoftProdigy. SoftProdigy is a web design and development company striving in IT industry from more than 10 years & have worked for hundreds of clients including big & small brands.

Ryan Atkins

Ryan Atkins is Content Writer at SoftProdigy. SoftProdigy is a web design and development company striving in IT industry from more than 10 years & have worked for hundreds of clients including big & small brands.

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