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DB3Often roaming casually around the city or scanning through TV, radio, newspapers we come across many hoardings and advertisements related to discounts, offers and sale but when we really want to buy something we hardly find any of them. We do find millions of group buying and daily deals websites which provide misleading and inflated discounts.

So what shoppers want is simple- best prices + nearby + every time they shop

On the other side brands, retailer and now a day small merchants are losing out money and reputation every time they provide discounts and inflated deals. Almost all the times discounts are given just to compete or because competitors are providing discounts without knowing what offers WORKS, WHERE and WHEN. Most of the times discounts may not be required at all because  of the quality of the product/services or due to various other reasons. Advertisements on TV, radio, newspapers or online advertisements reaches wider audiences but in most of the cases not to the potential buyers. Promotions with deals and group buying sites using inflated deals results losing credibility moreover customers they provide are deal hunters and not potential buyers.

What brands and retailers want is- an efficient way to promote offers + how they perform + where they perform + when they perform.

For both the shoppers and retailers the only solution is DiscountBox which is a unique platform for shoppers to discover offer around them and for businesses to promote their offers


 It is a pune based startup with a goal to organize offers information worldwide and make it universally available and useful.

How DiscountBox is useful to Shoppers?

A simple search and browse based interface helps shoppers find offer they are interested in. Imagine you need to buy car/laptop/furniture/groceries you simply need to search for the same in DiscountBox and you know which store/mall/website has it for maximum discounts along with details and store locations. DiscountBox mobile apps are scheduled to launch by the end of July 13.

 How DiscountBox is useful to Business?

A cloud-based offers management platform which provides tools to MANAGE, PROMOTE offers and get ANALYTIC information about them. It provides an intricate metrics of their promotions to brand managers and retailer so they are better poised to take decisions related to promotions.


Who is behind DiscountBox?

Amol Ghormade  a Computer Engineering graduate and Yamini Dhote a technology enthusiast along with a small team of two. Yamini actually a crazy shopper came up with the idea after getting married as she struggled to find best prices while buying furniture running from HomTown to HomeStop to HouseFull. A boot-strapped venture started in 2011 has 700+ merchants and retailer registered with them. Now currently they are looking VC and angel invertors for investment to grow and take DiscountBox to next level.

 Geekopedia wishes DiscountBox best of luck for future endeavors.

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Curated Content from the Editorial Team of Geekopedia

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