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Exotel gives businesses virtual phone numbers in the fastest easiest way. Businesses can run their basic Voice & SMS needs withExotel Logo features like IVR, Call Routing, Recording, API Integration, Voice-mail and more. It is a Business Phone System on the Cloud. In digestable human language it means a Hosted IVR or PBX – an intelligent system that is magically on the Cloud that can take LOTS of calls and make LOTS of calls – divert, do a voice mail, record each call, track and optimize your voice/SMS needs for your business.

Their team is typically very small – 15 odd people who like being small and make the computer do the work. Shivku, CEO & CoFounder, Exotel, was a Yahoo India Maps Product Manager earlier, after which he joined Flipkart as its VP, Products & Technology and quit in 7 months to start Roopit. Roopit was an online marketplace to make meet buyers and sellers and a lot of it was run over phone calls, SMS apart from the internet.

Ishwar is the COO, and he has been with SAP Labs, Yahoo! Multimedia search and at a startup too before joining Shivku to build Exotel.

Siddharth, the CTO of Exotel, has been with Microsoft in Redmond and then in Hyderabad ever since completing Masters in CS from Utah University.

Vijay was with NEN for a year post BITS, and then did Marketing at Practo before becoming Exotel’s 1st customer and then joining here to build this. Learn more about the entire team here.

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Exotel Team

Some of the powerful features are as listed below:

IVR: Interactive Voice Response (IVR) is a smart automated response system used by companies to automate and improve processes that are currently done manually.

Recording of Calls: Call Recordings help you track call conversations between your team and your customers. Helps track performance on call and improve on it.

Call Data Records: Helps you to get all the relevant details of the conversations that occur over Voice & SMS in the inbox. Never miss out on a single customer call.

Analytics & Reporting: Helps one to View what’s happening with all calls and SMSes that are coming in. Slice and dice into them and collect insights.

Call Conferencing: Helps you to get your team on conference calls quickly and stay in touch. Both moderated and un-moderated conferences are easy.

Integrate API: It helps one to use the Exotel REST API to easily integrate with your existing CRM or ERP. It is very simple to use and detailed.

Virtual Phone Number: Exotel offers mobile, tollfree and landline virtual numbers. There are also possibilities of porting your own number over to Exotel.

Inbound & Outbound SMS: It helps to send and receive SMSes on your virtual phone numbers. You can send also send bulk transactional or promotional SMSes.

ROI on Marketing: Exotel enables you to setup missed call campaigns in a breeze. Use it for your next lead-gen or marketing campaign.

They have currently around 300+ paying customers and they wanted to get to 20,000+ customers in the next 2-3 years. They can achieve their stated customer base as their pricing is very affordable which consist only 3 components:

1. Per month rental for the number (depends on type – fancy, toll free, landline, mobile etc.)

2. Per call & SMS charge

3. Per agent/user charge – Rs. 250 per user/month

You can know more on pricing here


In a nutshell one can say that Exotel is the fastest way for a business to get a phone number today. In 2 minutes, literally, and they are constantly evolving and using technology as a medium to solve issues internally and externally. Their approach is different on internal functioning and externally they are the best and fastest way to get a smart phone number for your business.

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Curated Content from the Editorial Team of Geekopedia

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