Startup FollowMe247 is bridging the Teacher-Student communication gap


In today’s world where communication between different levels of authorities is becoming difficult, FollowMe247 connects all of them in a simple manner. FollowMe247 is a model for removing the communication gap and connecting the students and teachers of any College/university in a better way.

The uniqueness of this product is that it does not use Internet for its connectivity; it uses SMS as a mode of communication. Since everyone has a mobile phone today, it will easily connect teachers to their students even if they do not have Internet on their cellphone. A teacher can not only pass official information on a short notice but also motivate a student by being personally in contact with. Privacy is maintained as no mobile numbers are being exchanged. Saves a lot of paperwork and manpower.

How it works

How-it-Works FollowMe

This works on a very simple basis of subscription, where students will be following the teacher (using unique class code), and both of them will be following their higher authority and so on.

Firstly a Class Incharge (or, Class teacher) has to make an account on After he/she has made her/his account, they will be provided with a class code (that will be unique). He/she then has to ask their students to follow them by writing a specific message that will contain the name of their college, the class code, their name and other information that the college requires such as their registration number etc. As soon as the students send the message to a specific number, they will be automatically following their Class In-charge.

In a similar way, these Class in-charges will be following Head of the Department and all the Head of the Department will be following the Director of the college and so on and so forth as in the hierarchical structure.

Thus, these HoDs / Class In-charges can send updates about their schedules, their holidays, to the students, even on a short notice, through sms. Ofcourse, they charge you for this service on a subscription basis where in the first couple of months is free as an introductory offer.

The Inception of the Idea

FollowMe247 Team

This venture is the brainchild of the founding trio – Shashank Vaishnav, Anshul Soni and Sandeep Singh. Headquartered in Chennai, they have already implemented this solution in several colleges and institutes there.

The FollowMe team realized a lot of problems in the existing system. First, there was no way to pass information to the students after college hours. Then there was a lot of paper work involved and also mobile internet was not available to everyone at all times. Furthermore, information could not be circulated on a very short notice hence it was very difficult to inform about last minute changes. These problems led them in building FollowMe247.

The Verdict

Now with the help of this new venture, teachers can be in direct touch with his/her students 24*7. The Higher hierarchy levels can also send message to lower hierarchy levels. And finally, messages can be sent to the whole university / college in no time making last minute changes easily informed.

So, faculties, coordinators, class in-charges & students, head on to FollowMe247, “create your room” and bridge this student-teacher interaction gap.

Start following and Start Communicating.

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