Funatic – Sports oriented E-commerce Apparel brand.

One of the best things about starting your own venture is to create it out of your passion. That is what these bunch of sports fanatics did. They launched their own E-commerce Apparel brand called Funatic Tees


Funatic Tees are sports inspired brand that intends to spread fun and excitement among sport fans, Funatic Tees is an avenue to express your passion for sports and support for your teams & heroes!

“We are a bunch of Sports fanatics who are really passionate about Sports and are keen on converting passions into careers, so here is our first shot!”

Funatic was founded in January 2012 by 5 school friends, Saurabh, Ankit, Zaheer, Priyank and Farzan, who had a common passion for Sports. Frustrated at the lack of opportunities for Sports in India, they dreamt of bringing a sporty revolution in India, where Sports can no longer be just a passion, but a viable profession.

Their team comprises of a bunch of 20-something school friends who have known each other for a long time and have played many sports up to the national level. What binds them together is their passion for sports.

Funatic aims at becoming India’s answer to the worlds Nikes, Adidas and Pumas. While Funatic Tees is only the first venture, Funatic Sports is looking at different avenues where it can help and build the Sports Industry in India. From creating India-specific game-formats to providing world-class Training for grass-root levels across Sports, Funatic wishes to help set-up a better Sports culture in the country.

As for the apparel brand at Funatic, plans have already begun for adding more products and categories other than t-shirts that fans can relate to – posters, badges, caps etc. A retail store is also in the pipeline, adds Saurabh.

The venture which started with Cricket, has now spread through other sports like Basketball, Tennis, Football, Table Tennis, Badminton and so on. In the future, Funatic also hopes to raise revenue via Sports IPs, Events, Sports Coaching Clinics, and Consultancy.

So, in this season of cricket and IPL, do you have the perfect gear to support your favorite player? If not, head on to funatic tees and get ready to support your team.

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Curated Content from the Editorial Team of Geekopedia

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