GanttPRO is online software for planning and managing tasks in different kinds of projects

GPGanttPRO is intuitive and effective at the same time. You can be a newbie in Gantt charts, but you will start creating comprehensive project plans in a few minutes after login. GanttPRO will help you to schedule projects and manage tasks, assign tasks to team members and share created plans with clients, get a 360⁰ view of your project and always get them done in time with a critical path. GanttPRO is free and unlimited for those who sign up now.

GanttPro Start-up was founded on March 2015 in Minsk, Belarus. They were looking for an easy project management tool for their team, which would allow them to:

  • create charts of our projects and share them with clients;
  • easily plan low-level goals during sprints;
  • collaborate and edit projects together.

One can just take a look on all the available Gantt chart tools on the market. Smartsheet, Liquidplanner, Team Gantt are awesome and very functional but they are extremely hard to start using for small teams and start-ups. There were no tools, which would meet their modest needs to schedule, organize and plan the projects and they were so excited with this problem and thus GanttPRO was born as an alternative to big project management tools. Some of the smart features of GanttPRO are as listed below:

  • Priority-based scheduling
  • Task assignment to team members
  • Critical path to see who’s to blame
  • Template collection for Gantt chart newbies
  • Time tracking. Zooming system
  • Drag and drop. Because it’s easier that way
  • Filter and search
  • Advanced sharing system
  • Export your projects to PDF, PNG, XLSX or iCal
  • Progress baseline to see development progress
They have made it easy to get started (almost too easy). It takes only one minute to sign up and start creating a new project, and up to 15 minutes to create a comprehensive project plan and send it to clients or team members.
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Curated Content from the Editorial Team of Geekopedia