Goodbye mouse! Welcome to the future, states TSIXT

Research has continuously been reducing the interaction barriers between humans and devices. The cable connected mouse became a wireless entity, the touchpads on latops replaced the mouse and then the touchpads themselves gave way touch screen technologies. TSIXT has ushered in yet another innovation that possibly makes the personal computer even more personal – a completely gesture control interface.

Peteti Satwik, T. Sravan and G. Ganesh pursuing their B.Tech in IT and CSC from Narayan College of Engineering and Technology, Gudur had always been nurturing ideas of developing a gesture based interactive apps. They had started with experimenting with simple touch control modules and later adopted a more complex gesture-control technology. The different apps are now used for various purposes, from simple power point presentation and party games to generating building plans and interior design demonstrations.

How it all started…
Peteti Venkata Sujinesh, Director, TSIXT, described his entrepreneurial journey to Geekopedia. It all began when the idea to develop a “touch-less mouse” took root. The technical trio used the webcam to capture the gestures and translate it into the functions of a mouse. Once that worked well, they successfully experimented with a way to control power point presentations with gestures alone. Presentations took a whole other meaning when the flick of the presenter’s wrist moved slides! Initially they envisaged this technology to be a great marketing device attracting the attention of clients during scenarios like high-profile sales pitches and the like. However they later customized it to suit other business needs. The team considers this technology to really have a great future as it combines the advantages of motion/gesture detection without the hassles of external devices like remotes or sensors.

Their initial success led to the creation of TSIXT, Trans International Sixth Sense Technologies, in March 2008. Peteti Sujinesh, a B.Tech graduate with an MBA, with P.Satwik, T.Sravan and G.Ganesh cofounded the company.

What Next?

These young geeks have just begun their innovative journey. They believe in giving everyone the freedom to control, to explore and to enjoy the digital world through the most natural and intuitive user interfaces. Petiti Sujinesh says, “If you want to have an Avatar film like experience in real life, we make your dream come true”. He further adds, “Trans International had taken this idea and carefully nurtured it before delivering a new and wonderful experience to its customers and clients. We take pride on producing individual products that surpass our client’s expectations. Every digital product we create is a distinct personality in itself.”

Currently TSIXT offers a complete family of 3D imaging and gesture recognition solutions as well as games & applications. They say there is much more to come. Sujinesh sums up this start-up’s dream in the simplest and most effective of terms: “Trans International hopes to revolutionize the way people interact with the digital world”.

We believe that this is not just talk as this young start-up has taken giant steps in that direction already.


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Curated Content from the Editorial Team of Geekopedia

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