Mumbai based startup Helper4U helps in effecient and cost effective hiring of Helpers

Helper4U is an online database of the uneducated ABCDE – Ayah, Bai, Cook, Driver and everyone else like security guards, patient care personnel, courier boys, call centre employees, delivery people. Helper4U therefore enables a direct connection between the ever-growing middle class Job Givers and the Job Seekers. It is, in simple words, a quick and affordable solution to the problem of hiring maids, cooks, baby sitters, elder care, drivers, security guards, delivery boys, data entry staff, call centre employees electricians etc.Employers can access helper profiles on computers or mobiles, and immediately call the candidates they like. So, they can hire faster, better, and cheaper. Founded in August 2014, Helper4U was envisioned as an online database to hire maids with ease. But before they even went live men also started coming in looking to register for jobs. So MaidForU became Helper4U, and today caters to the hiring needs of unskilled and semi-skilled Helpers, though still with a focus on domestic workers. Then, as soon as they went live in Powai, requests for maids started coming in from all over Mumbai and they started expanding to cover Mumbai and then Pune.

The startup from Mumbai is founded by Meenakshi Gupta Jain and cofounded by Punit Jain. Meenakshi is a JNU alumnus, with 25 years of experience. Responsible for product conceptualization, operations. Punit is an IIT IIM alumnus with 25 years of experience. Advises on strategy and alliances.

They are not just another online Agency. They are not even a service provider for domestic chores. They:

  • Focus on hiring of domestic and blue collared helpers.
  • Allow Job Seekers and Job Givers to connect with each other directly.
  • Have enabled job offer and acceptance through mobile.

From an employer’s point of view, Helper4U works as follows.

The employer:

  1.  Visits Helper4U.
  2. Uses filters like area, and Helper category (maid, cook, driver, babysitter, delivery staff etc.) to view Helper profiles.
  3. Pays a nominal subscription fee to access Helper contact information.
  4. Calls up prospective Helpers.
  5. Discusses working arrangement and compensation directly with Helpers.
  6. Hires a Helper on mutually agreed upon terms.

The job Seekers:

  1. Register with Helper4U.
  2. Get Calls from Employers
  3. Get hired without any commission.

They believe no job is too small if it helps someone earn a living respectfully. So they aim to enable unskilled workers find jobs with respect, at NO COST, while helping employers choose from available candidates, at a minuscule cost.



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Curated Content from the Editorial Team of Geekopedia

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