Houseincity- Your search for residential projects ends here

HouseinCity focuses on making search for your first home easy. It continuously track price and availability information of all ongoing residential projects thus making it easy for new home buyers to find and compare all projects in one place. Using metro and project connectivity overlays users can easily evaluate the location of a project.

Target Audience:-
Users searching for apartments in ongoing projects. 


Some of the problems faced by the potential buyers:-
No authoritative source to find current price and availability information.
No portal to evaluate the connectivity of a location.
No portal to connect directly with builder or brokers selling the chosen project.

Existing Players:

  • Builders and brokers: A single Google search for any residential project throws up numerous websites with mostly incorrect information for price, availability and location. Difficult to distinguish between builder’s website and brokers website.
  • Property Advertisement sites (99acres etc): Numerous advertisements from brokers and builders. Advertisements aren’t updated and provide outdated information.
  • Real estate start-ups like groffr, proptiger  are marginally better than existing broker websites. Mostly outdated information. Usually show outdated information and sold out projects to generate leads and cross sell.

End Result:
Users have little faith in property websites and usually resort to taking a week’s leave from office and running around collecting all required information themselves.

How Houseincity intend to bring the change:

  • Directly connect with builders to keep all price and availability information updated.(Already doing this via email.Soon builders will be provided an interface to manage their projects.)
  • Help users evaluate the location of a project. (Project connectivity and metro connectivity layers are a step in this direction. Soon we are going to roll out many more features.)
  • Connect users directly to builders and relevant brokers.(In talks with builders and brokers. Expected to launch this service in June.)

The idea for HouseinCity came from the personal experiences of its founders while searching for new residential projects to book an apartment. The houseincity is founded by Arun Chaudhary who graduated from HBTI Kanpur in 2006.6+ years of software development experience & Lalit Kumar who did his MS from IIIT Hyderabad in 2008 and worked for many technology companies including Trilogy.

Geekopedia wishes Houseincity best of luck for future endeavors.

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Curated Content from the Editorial Team of Geekopedia

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