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Last year when the ISBS digital (formerly TSIXT) team made a break through with a “touch-less mouse” they sent out a clear message that they want to make this digital world interactive. With technology at their hand they want to reach the mass audience where everyone can have fun and enjoy with technology.

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ISBS Digital, recently, has launched India’s first motion capture technology combined with VFX and Music. This new app, called Music Bar, eventually creates and displays special effects on the connected screen in accordance with dance moves of a person, making the music and the dance interactive. So now you can fire lasers and shoot lightings with your dance! The computer algorithm analyses your body postures and gives animations and effects according to song that’s playing. One can also take photos on the spot and upload those to popular social networking sites. The team believes that this new app can be used in all party sectors be it DJs or entertainers for school parties, Fashion shows, bars, weddings and even corporate events and brand promoting.

“It has a great future since the app is mixed with motion capture and animations, users can feel as if they have entered into a Quest world and started interacting with animations and music, adds Sujinesh, CEO ISBS Digital”

Formerly TSIXT, rebranded itself to ISBS Digital (Intellectual Software Business solutions) after getting a new sponsor. Peteti venkata Sujinesh heads the venture with a team of young B.Tech experts namely T sravan teja, P.Satwik, R.Ganesh, M. Vivek, J.Ashok and P.Jeevan.

ISBS Digital is playing a key role in presenting customer with augmented reality solutions and Motion capture technologies, which is just in the inception stage in India. ISBS also makes virtual mirrors, presentation apps, gesture-controlled apps, all with Augmented Reality.

This new venture has already won Best Innovator award in Textreme 2k12 and also are also a part of Microsoft Guinness world record. The team also claims that the best thing about them is that, they can bring lifeless objects to life using their creative work and technology, with which the customers can interact.

“To give everyone the freedom to control, explore and enjoy the entire digital world through the most natural and intuitive user interfaces and machine interactions”, envisions Sujinesh.

Check out the Music Bar app video

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