Chennai based Inztahelp is a one stop cleaning destination for homes and offices

In this fast paced society that we live today, where its difficult to find time for ourselves or our family, do you think we have any time to spare for our household chores like cleaning and maintenance. Well, here is a solution for you! InztaHelp! . As the name suggests, they provide you help instantly in a both productive and beneficial way :) .

Inztahelp was originally started as a one stop cleaning destination for homes and commercial offices, but it is poised on the brink of becoming a complete solution, not only for cleaning, but for any other support systems an establishment can require.  Inztahelp is the quickest and easiest way to book professional on-demand services through an Android app or a  call-centre as it offers customized services ranging from regular domestic housekeeping to deep cleaning services, from daily maintenance of commercial establishments to specialized packages such as After Construction/Renovation cleaning, and from daily facility cleaning services to bulk packages.

Starting up

Inztahelp was founded in September, 2015 by Lenin N, A U Vijay Anand and  Urmi Santra who are came together to make life easier for common people. Although they hit a snag due to Chennai floods, they bounced back and launched services from February 2016 again.

Lenin N has 9 years of experience in startups and has been heading regional operations and sales as well. Educated in London, he holds a Master’s degree  from IIPM. A. U. Vijay Anand has 20 years of experience in the retail sector, with a focus in Marketing and Franchising. He holds a Master’s degree from LIBA while, Urmi Santra, an MBA from AIM, Philippines, has 7 years of experience in IT and Marketing.


Why InztaHelp?

Inztahelp is affordable and convenient, with transparent rates and timings fixed at the convenience of clients and with customised packages available according to each client’s prerequisites.

Every Inztahelper undergoes a background check along with police verification, the company along with its staff members is reliable. The company provides its employees with intensive training, not only in technical aspects, but also on matters of safety, personal hygiene, grooming and etiquette.  Additionally, all Inztahelpers are on company’s payrolls, as Inztahelp strongly believes that quality cannot be outsourced.

InztaHelp team
InztaHelp Team


The way forward

InztaHelp services are aimed at two streams – corporate clients and domestic households. The company not only customises its timings to suit the clients, but also customises packages to suit the client’s individual requirements.

Today, Inztahelp is based out of Chennai and will be opening soon in Coimbatore and Pondicherry. The company aims to have a definite global presence as a fully integrated facility service solutions provider.

Urmi Santra, InztaHelp

While talking to Geekopedia, Urmi, one of the founders mentioned

At Inztahelp we believe there is huge potential in the facility cleaning and management industry. We would like to redefine how clients hire cleaning and support services and we are happy to state that we have created a work environment where our professionals can feel at home, while being productive and efficient.


This is the future of cleaning and management industry in India! So, if you need assistance in cleaning your homes or commercial offices, you know where to go!


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Curated Content from the Editorial Team of Geekopedia

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