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JetHR is the new kid on the block when we talk about Automated Video Interviewing. Founded in 2012 with a help of seed funding from an angel investor, JetHR came into existence out of the need to bring efficiency and effectiveness in talent acquisition process.

With ever-increasing candidates eligible for employment, filtering of candidates has been a very inefficient process. Organizations typically have to conduct qualifying interviews with 5-10 candidates for every opening, just to filter out good candidates for the next level. Hundreds of man-hours are wasted in creating appointments, finding agreeable time slots and conducting interviews. Often huge sums of money are also wasted in arranging transportation and lodging of candidates and interviewers.

This new venture claims themselves as low-cost service providers and publicizes their services only through online blogs, facebook, forums and linkedin. They aim to solve some of the following fundamental problems, in a way that is easy and effective for both organizations and candidates.

  • Candidate Pre-Screening
  • Remote Interviewing
  • Interview Scheduling

JetHR is in the domain of online interviewing. This automated online interviewing helps in making recruiting process more efficient and in discovering better talent. On one hand it helps Organizations in many ways like reducing time to hire, Cutting out phone interviews, saving costs and avoiding frauds. And on the other hand it helps Candidates in several different means such as Improved candidate experience, lower drop out rates and better impacts to the interviewer.

Furthermore, an Interviewer can ask same questions to multiple candidates. Both the Interviewer and candidate can save time, money and effort on travelling and Lastly, recorded interviews can be viewed repeatedly and shared with other team members.

While there are many players in this domain, the company believes that the market is extremely huge for four main reasons:

  • The world is moving towards automation
  • With ever growing population ($7billion plus), companies and organizations will need automated solutions to interview and filter out candidates
  • Neither the companies nor candidates have enough time to attend interviews (at least for the first round where neither is sure about the outcome of the interview)
  • Everyone gives interview at some point in his or her lives

With these expectations, JetHR believes that at least 5000 companies & organizations & individuals’ worldwide will use their video interview service, targeting over 2.5 million candidates (or interviews) by the end of 2014. From that point on, expecting a 50% growth YoY till 2020.

Meet Jet HR Team

Romil Jain, an IT professional with 9 years of work experience, founded JetHR. he has primarily worked in startup companies like Triogy, NGPay & Arcot Systems. Shantilal Gelda, Co-founder along with Soni Saloni, Senior HR Analyst, follows him. The designing and development is primarily handeled by Antriksh Kumar, Head New Products.

So, all the recruiters out there, if you planning to speed up your recruitment activity without shedding out loads of money, JetHR is definitely worth the try.

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Curated Content from the Editorial Team of Geekopedia

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