Lingualia – A social network for language learning!

Lingualia is a social network for language learning that applies artificial intelligence to personalize the course to match the exact requirements of each student (with web & iphone versions). At Lingualia, the student isn’t required to adapt to the course; the course adapts to the student. This achieves a noticeable increase in motivation, and a much faster progress with very little effort.


The Lingualia team is made up of 10 talented individuals; from qualified, native, foreign-language teachers, to new technology experts. The team has worked hard together to develop a state-of-the-art and revolutionary language-learning system. Lingualia is the perfect mix of languages and technology. You can find out about the team in detail here.

Sergio Blanco, founder, Lingualia,  managed the online department at, the largest national network of Spanish language schools in the world throughout his earlier career. This is where language teaching/learning became his passion, and where he got the inspiration for Lingualia. 
They began work on Lingualia early on in 2012, and have just launched both the web version and the app for iPhone

Before we began working on this project, we stopped to ask ourselves the following questions:
“Why do people want to learn languages?” – Motivation.
“What areas of language learning to people have trouble with?” – Personalisation.
“How much time can people dedicate to their learning experience?” – Flexibility.

What makes Lingualia really special is that it answers all three. Lingualia helps to motivate users and guide them towards a faster progression. Thanks to an algorithm based on artificial intelligence, Lingualia is able to learn from each user and adjust the content to meet their individual requirements. In other words, it’s a course that adapts itself to each student, not the other way around.

Furthermore, it’s a flexible learning out here. Users can study for just five minutes, or even an entire hour, and they can connect via their home computer, tablet, and smartphone. Lingualia synchronizes user activity across all devices so they can pick up from the exact point where they left off.

The future of Lingualia is focused on three main goals:
 First, Increasing the language courses available as currently they offer just a couple –  English and Spanish.
Second, Diversifying the range of services and tools within the platform to include: video chat, speech recognition, and other ‘smart’ activities.
And finally, the launch of an app for Android.
Lingualia has a free and a premium model. Premium accounts provide vital extras such as a greater variety of multimedia content, and
unrestricted access to Lingu, the virtual ‘intelligent’ teacher. Lingu is programmed with artificial intelligence, and tailored to each student. Lingu analyses all aspects of the users’ learning capacities to create a personalized course for each student.

So, if you were planning to learn some language this summer, check out Lingualia or download its iPhone app and take it for a spin. Learn language the social networking way!

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Curated Content from the Editorial Team of Geekopedia

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