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Ever seen articles talking about “Top 10 gadgets” or “Best places for a holiday”? I bet you must have. Unfortunately those lists are not interactive and definitely not social. Enter; this brand new social network aims to revolutionize the world of lists. Listnerd allows anybody to create a list about anything. These lists are deeply integrated with the most popular social networks. One can even vote up entire lists or individual list items. Furthermore, users can also add their own items to already present lists just in case they don’t find their preferred list item.Listnerd

The “Discover” feature is incredible. One-click and you will have access to all kinds of lists. Explore the numerous categories and the countless lists it contains and if you can’t find what you are looking for make one of your own and share it with your friends. Believe me, its fun!

How it all started..

Sometime back, Mr. Anderson, a microbrew enthusiast, tried finding lists about the best beers out there, but was disappointed at the lack of centralized information. It was really hard for him to find a good, authorative and extensive list of good beers and microbrews. Thus came the idea to make the entire list-creation process, social, so that anybody can create, contribute and share information. A democratic approach to list making. was founded in early 2012 and the site went live in a beta version on the 15th of November 2012. It’s a bootstrapped startup, and so far the founding members have invested roughly $100K of their own money into it.

Listnerd was founded by Erling Løken Andersen (Founder & Project Manager) and Jesper Thøgersen (Founder & Lead Designer), who previously founded and worked on; a social networking website in Norway that was sold for $12 million USD in 2008. A couple of other significant people of the Listnerd team are Yuriy Rybkin (Technical Project Manager) and Pavel Bogomyagkov (Senior Programmer)

Going forward..

So, Listnerd is not limited to only beers. It has been extended to numerous other areas. It has over 20 categories where lists can be tagged. The Listnerd team hopes to grow organically for as long as they can – and combine high quality, engaging content with social media. A few years from now, they hope the site will be “top of mind” whenever someone wants to create a list online; like Pinterest has the market cornered for online photo collections.

While interaction with Geekopedia.Me, Founder, Erling Andersen mentions

We want to be the one site that gets lists right; so that whatever kind of list you’re creating, you find the right tools for the job at Listnerd. That’s our dedication to lists.”

So get started, create some lists and enjoy sharing those with friends, family and everyone else you meet along the way.

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Curated Content from the Editorial Team of Geekopedia

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