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POTOSI Technology services, is an award-winning provider of innovative software services and BPO services that improve operational efficiency and help customers gain competitive advantage. POTOSI makes a difference by consistently delivering outstanding value to their customers. By nurturing and empowering their employees, the company helps maximize their innate potential and drive success for their customers, with a commitment and quality that first-time clients find quite astonishing. The four areas where the company provides its services are Software Solutions, Network Solutions, BPO Services and Consulting.

POTOSI leverages a process-improvement led strategy to deliver outstanding results to its clients from their BPO initiatives. So, if you are looking to reduce costs and enhance efficiency of certain key processes that are important for your business but do not differentiate you in the market place, you can outsource these processes to POTOSI and focus on the core processes that truly differentiate your company and drive growth.

Headquartered in Bangalore and in business for a couple of years, here’s what defines POTOSI:
Balanced growth:
POTOSI balances this robust performance with a nurturing work environment where people come first. A culture that encourages its employees to excel and execute with passion motivates to constantly “go the extra mile” in our customer engagements. This focus on its people has earned them a prestigious place.
Talented and diverse people:
The company has a diverse mix of talented employees: across educational levels and professional skills categories. People bring their unique perspectives and insight based on their individual experiences, which leads to breakthrough outcomes for its clients.
Market focus:
While clients consist of a mix of Fortune as well as smaller companies, POTOSI focuses on the “mid-market” segment. Being a mid-tier company, POTOSI understands the needs and aspirations of this sector. The company’s IT and BPO services will help transform its client’s business and meet competitive challenges.

How is it done at POTOSI?

The USP of POTOSI is that it works with you to identify the process or set of processes that are good candidates for outsourcing. For this, they employ a process selection methodology to discover outsourcing possibilities. You can then outsource a single process or a set of processes – in a steady growth or in a “big bang” approach.

POTOSI has a structured ramp up model that enables you to prioritize processes for outsourcing, pilot the outsourced model with a test process, and then move targeted processes to production in a structured manner. This assures you of a smooth transition.

Once the processes are outsourced, they track key process metrics. A personalized dashboard enables you to monitor process parameters. Company’s offshore delivery teams de-risk process transition and enable process improvement. Robust information security processes and infrastructure protect the security and privacy of your data.

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Curated Content from the Editorial Team of Geekopedia

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