Lyreka music platform helps you to discover and share the meanings of Songs

lyLyreka is a social network where music lovers can interpret and share their thoughts on songs lyrics. The more thoughts and meanings someone share is the more points they earn. When someone reads a post that helps them discover the meaning of a song they reward that post with a Eureka! (Similar to a like on Facebook). Lyreka encourages opinionated discussions and will never lock/close a song or prevent new ideas from being posted. Music is art and their users are not only interested in what the artist intended the song to mean, but also how it is perceived and consumed by the fans.

Main features includes:

  • Posting interpretation or thoughts of songs
  • Comment and contribute to other users thoughts
  • Give user posts Eurekas!
  • Follow other users with similar interest in music
  • Search song lyrics from our collection of about 900,000 songs
  • Search by image text recognition (e.g. Search for songs on the Coca Cola Lyrics cans)
  • Search and view over 40,000 artists profiles
  • Search and view over 100,000 albums and releases
  • Upload profile and cover images
  • More features coming soon (Find song by audio and video attachment on posts)

The social music lyric platform Lyreka has quickly become a favorite with music fans across the world, giving them a cool way to not only read lyrics to the songs they love, but also a chance to discuss their meanings with other music fans. In exciting news, Lyreka recently announced they have expanded their platform to now include mobile devices, which greatly expands Lyreka’s reach.

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Curated Content from the Editorial Team of Geekopedia

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