Manage Venues effectively by VnuMngr cloud based business management software

VMVnuMngr is a cloud platform that helps venue operators to increase Exposure, Sales & Manage daily tasks using any browser.Some venues still take booking information over the phone and write it on a piece of paper, some use google docs, others use all different software’s to solve one problem, each software have different user experience, each software had many unusable features, each software charges commission fees and installation fees, all of them combined didn’t solve all problems that venue operators needs and doesn’t show collective data that would help the business over all, that’s why founder come up with an all in one in house software solution that solves most problems and completely managed by venue operators giving them the power to publish content through various channels, giving them easy tools to execute on generated leads and build seamless relation with their guests.

The startup is founded by Serial entrepreneur Amir Fouad. Previously in 2005 Amir founded & a network for matchmaking talents, events, venues and fans that are interested to keep up with happening events in their cities.After many years of experience in venue operation & web development Amir took it upon himself to come up with a complete interface to serve venue operators to maximize exposure and reduce marketing cost without having to count only on promoters & third party deals website.


Some of the remarkable features of Vnumngr are as below:

  • State of art mobile friendly website with rich content & smart functions.
  • Management system that’s easy to use.
  • Activity calendar viewing Sales, Bookings & Reservations.
  • Inventory catalog with shopping cart.
  • Secure payment gateway (AMEX / VISA / MASTERCARD / DISCOVER / BITCOIN)
  • Marketing tools.
  • Operation tools.
  • Analytics reporting.
  • Voicemail, Transcript & SMS.
  • Customer relationship management databases.
  • Staff recruiting system – Staff scheduling – Staff payroll.
  • POS integration to view floor sales.
  • Security cams monitoring & many more tools.

Breaking into the industry and convincing venue owners to change their ways is not an easy task, it takes one to know one, we understand the business inside out, we speak their language, we know what they want, it just a matter of time to be recolonized as an industry standard software, we are expecting to grow by recommendations from within the industry by clients that used our service.They charge a reasonable setup fee & monthly fee, their goal is to make our clients satisfied with the service efficiency, smooth execution & revenue growth by using their software and that’s how they are sustaining a long term commitment with current and future clients.

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Curated Content from the Editorial Team of Geekopedia