– Empowering patients to make better decisions for their treatments.

Often when a treating doctor suggests hospitalization, the patient is clueless as to which hospital to select among the various present. These patients themselves reach out to a few hospitals for their treatment, check out the facilities and package rates to decide on the right hospital for them.

But this whole process is too cumbersome and takes lots of time and efforts. Assessing this big gap in healthcare industry, it was in September 2012, when the concept of launching a platform that helps patients connect with best hospitals was first thought of.

Enter, this Delhi based startup founded by Mohit Bahri and Sanjeev Vatta, offers a unique platform that helps patients who have been recommended any kind of surgery / hospitalization by their treating doctor. connects such patients with multiple hospitals in India, at one go. Through this platform, patients seeking hospitalization treatment can request for a customized package for their hospitalization (be it surgery, baby delivery, or any other hospitalization) from multiple hospitals. And its all very Convenient and Transparent. All this is done right sitting at home.

Through, patients can

  • Share their medical records with multiple hospitals
  • Allow hospitals to review your medical history and offer you a customized package
  • Compare the facilities in these hospitals and packages offered, and select the most suitable hospital to seek treatment.


The Team behind Medeel

Mohit Bahri, A pharmacy graduate and an MBA, launched this unique medical venture in February 2013, headquartered in New Delhi. With more than 10+ years of experience in healthcare industry, Mohit has worked both in Indian and international healthcare industry as a management and strategy consultant.

Sanjeev Vatta, a pharmacy graduate, currently pursuing his MBA, follows him. He has 12+ years of experience in healthcare industry, primarily focussing on sales.

Mohit is constantly supported by his wife, Vandana Bahri, a Chartered Accountant with 9 years of professional experience and is working in as Financial Controller.


The Present and the Next Steps

The concept of is unique and new. No such services ever existed in India. So, it will take sometime to establish the concept and as well. The company have started their first phase of services and are reaching out to patients primarily through online channel – online ads, mass mailing, references etc.

Once the patients begin to see the benefits of the companies’ services, the team is very confident that customers will start preferring their services. Additionally, they plan to reach out to many more patients by expanding their presence in key cities in India and providing many more new services (work for which is already underway)

Mohit believes in this new medical venture. He says

“Traditionally, patients looking for hospitalization care generally relied on friends/relative’s advices. However, more and more patients are now moving online, becoming more aware and are taking the decision about their healthcare needs, before selecting the right hospital for them. Given this scenario, we believe is well positioned to help patients reach out to best hospital for their treatment.”


He further adds,

“ helps patients take informed decisions about the best hospital for their treatment. And that too in a very convenient way.”

With unique and innovative venture like these, entrepreneurs in the healthcare sector in India will definitely start surfacing.

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Curated Content from the Editorial Team of Geekopedia

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