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Plumb5 is a customer intelligence product which helps marketers automate customer acquisition and retention campaigns in real-time. Plumb5, is a product of Decisive Analytical Solution, a Bangalore based company founded in 2010
Plumb 5 , is a end to end real time online marketing suite that helps enterprises, especially e-commerce and retail companies to generate more customers (enhanced Conversion rates), ARPU (Average Revenue per user), Low customer acquisition costs, High CLV (customer Life cycle value) and Great ROI on customer engagement & personalization.

It helps in predicting real time customer value as the product enables real time tagging mechanisms across all customer touch points. This method helps in achieving, far-accurate retention rate required for calculating CLV. The method of updating real time value status enables marketers to effectively conduct cross-sell and up-sell campaigns.It empowers online companies to reduce or completely eliminate the current challenges like low conversion / transaction rates, high bounce rates, shopping cart drop outs and Goal path abandons by focusing on providing personalized customer experience and real time interaction to every visitor on site.In today’s context, Plumb 5 is the only platform that provides integration across all customer touch points. It is a real-time marketing framework that profiles customers based on behavior, interactions and transactions.

It helps the marketing team in the following

  • Measure and Monitor Customer Acquisition Programs
  • Measure and Monitor Digital Assets for Customers
  • Measure Visitor Behavior and Interactions
  • Automate Campaigns for Lead Generation and Conversion
  • Enable real time engagement & Personalization
  • Measure Customer Buying Behavior and Sentiments
  • Monitor Customer Acquisition and Retention Costs
  • Measure Average Profit per Customer in Real-time

Unlike other marketing automation and analytics tools, Plumb5‘s focuses on being customer centric rather than being data centric, as the main idea is to tag customer intentions and behavior rather than just executing a marketing function. The emphasis is on creating seamless customer experience in real time, which not only improves website conversion to ROI but helps real time customer support and interactions at critical points, when online customers need support or suggestions the most.

Some of the other benefits Plumb 5 provides for businesses are:

  • The robust platform of plumb5 eliminates silos and the need to invest in multiple tools like analytic tools, social media tools, CRM tools and marketing automation tools. An enterprise can save over 40% of its annual costs, when compared to existing tools in the market.
  • It is available as a SAAS pay as you go model, and does not require companies to invest in IT infrastructure.
  • It’s unique plug & play feature saves companies, valuable integration time and effort and the extra expense of bringing an engineering team to overlay all these data to arrive at unified reports from various customer data sources.
  • Plumb5 also does not require any constant IT engineering support, as the features are intuitive, self-configurable and workflow based. With this, the marketing team stands to gain on turn-around time and save resource overheads.
  • Dedicated support through chat, online and phone makes consultation with experts, always accessible for plumb5 customers.

The product is built by a team of technology enthusiasts including –

Veerendra HR- who has over 17 years of professional experience in the field of UI, Design and Technology development and product management space.

Vijay Chander-Management Graduate with over 20 years of sales and marketing experience in high end technology products.

Shivaprasad M- Over 18 years experience in software development, delivery and development. Other team members are –Raju TR, Ranganath Prasad.

Geekopedia Wishes Plumb5 good luck for the future endeavors.

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Curated Content from the Editorial Team of Geekopedia

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