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imageSometime back we covered Zepo,  an online platform  thats helps small businesses open their own online stores, and Aircus, another professional website building service

Today we bring you, Puzl, a revolutionary, fully customizable and 100% free website builder, helping entrepreneurs, advanced web users and beginners alike launch and develop their activity online. With Puzl’s business platform, even less tech savvy users have the possibility to set up their own website without having any coding or programming knowledge. Puzl’s easy to use drag and drop interface allows its members to fully customize their websites thanks to over 25 widgets. Puzl’s innovative software also specializes in web visibility with the aim to help Puzlists, members of the platform, become visible in the results of search engines (Google, Bing and Yahoo, etc.) but also on the main social media (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn…)

The company was set up in February 2011 in the UK with the aim to allow small businesses and entrepreneurs; advanced web users and beginners alike, build a free professional website without necessarily having any knowledge of website coding. Thibaut Taittinger is the founder of Puzl.

Ambitious and passionate about the internet, Thibaut created Puzl with the goal to help SMEs gain a free and effective online visibility; re-establishing internet as a great tool to let any business, regardless of its size or budget gain online recognition for  the quality of its services and products. Thibaut created Puzl with two cofounders Jordan Bailleul-Séguève, financial advisor and Maxime Marcheguet, Marketing director. The team is now composed of 14 highly motivated professionals.

Puzl is still in Beta version however a new highly improved version is currently under development. That said, the product boasts quite a powerful interface. Through a series of steps and a wizard,  we were able to setup a website in under 10 minutes, including several customizations. Its very simple yet powerful. And thats not all, we were also able to customize the meta tags to make it more optimized for search engines resulting in a better SEO. A coupleof years from now, Puzl aims to have grown to become a large multichannel internet company, providing services to what they hope will be millions of users across the globe.


Puzl is a Freemium website builder offering a free but high quality base together with advanced premium features answering specific needs and working on a subscription basis. However, and unlike its competitors, the free base of the software does not include any limitations enabling users to fully benefit from the tool placed at their disposal. It has already launched the Domain mapping service allowing websites built within the platform, to be directly visible on the professional domain that users own (.com, .co.uk, .es, etc…). In terms of upcoming premium options – E-commerce functionalities will soon be included to the website builder.

Puzl aims at helping entrepreneurs from all over the world build and create new ideas, concepts, and businesses. It is what drive us every day to work hard on proposing the best possible software to our members. We are not here for the money but with the goal to assist all entrepreneurs increase the online reach of their offer, says Thibaut

This venture believes that businesses should not be required to pay a high fee for services that individuals are receiving free of charge. This is why building a professional website on Puzl is 100% free. Furthermore, the web pages developed by the free website builder boast no advertisements; advertising banners not having their place on a business website. As the activity of members’ growth; SME, self-employed and freelancers will have the need for more specific customization of their professional tools, the Puzl business platform will then propose sector specific tools, whether for their website or the running of their activity.
This is the base of the business model of Puzl’s free website builder; to help companies grow and propose quality services linked to their activities and sectors following the evolution of their business needs. Puzl wishes to turn into an extra source of revenue for businesses but also a new source of revenue for students, unemployed, self-employed or retirees; everyone has got a skill they can capitalize on!

Head on to Puzl to give that new professional look to your business you always wanted and that too free of cost. It cant get better than this, can it?

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Curated Content from the Editorial Team of Geekopedia

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