Startup Rinema which is a database for movie buffs launched publicly today

RinemaRinema is your Rendezvous with Cinema where you can rate, review & keep track of movies you watch.One can get film recommendations & meet other film buffs with similar tastes.It is a social network for movie lovers & they came out of private beta and launched publicly today at 9:30 pm IST (movie premiere time).

Rinema is founded by a Grishma Udani who is a movie buff  & watches all kinds of movies be it Hollywood, Bollywood, European or even Japanese for that matter. She always wanted something like Rinema,i.e.a website like goodreads but for the movies for her reference.  However, she hadn’t considered doing it by herself until she decided to move on from her last startup,Whirlybird. Then she started exploring her options in media/movie industry. So, eventually she decided to try  & build it by herself.

GrishmaGrishma being the sole founder  helps in designing and the front end.She is supported by her team mates Pritesh & Danish who are looking at the backend coding. Grishma is an IIT Kanpur graduate and has been the co-founder & CEO of a hardware startup called Whirlybird Electronics where they have acquired clients like Indian Navy, Honeywell, ISRO to name a few.


Some of the unique Features of Rinema:

  1. Pinterest like movie selection with ratings & reviews to help you keep track of what you watch, want to watch.
  2. Organize your movie into collections (e.g. Henriette’s collections ) or make lists (e.g.Hacker Movies, Film Adaptations etc.)
  3. Iconic movie lists by famous critics, film makers, Oscar winners, brain teasers and more.(e.g. Roger Ebert’s Great Movies, Tarantino’s favorites, New York Times Best 1000 Movies etc.)
  4. Connect with your friends and find out what they are watching.
  5. Taste buddies: Find people with similar tastes in Cinema and get recommendations from their collections.
  6. Get personalized film recommendations or explore by genre, languages etc.
  7. Database of 170,000+ movies from around the world (not just Hollywood or Bollywood) with 200,000+ actors, actresses and directors
  8. Users (with editor status) can manually add/edit movies in the database.

To sign up:

Some interesting user data:

  • 1/3 of new users add over 100 movies to their profile
  • Most movies added: 3188 movies by a user from California
  •  Speed: 354 movies added in 45 mins by a user from India
  • Most reviews added: 731 reviews by a user from Denmark

Their focus is to build the best place for movie buffs around the world and currently they are not much focused on the revenue generation. However their revenue generation strategy is on place which they will use in coming future.

So movie buffs what are you waiting for log on Rinema  to get started to surf & share about your favorite movies.

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Curated Content from the Editorial Team of Geekopedia

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