Startup SayShaadi is the dream destination for India weddings

SSThe idea of SayShaadi  orginated when Nithin realized the strenuous process a family goes through during the wedding with little or no information available online. It was almost impossible for a layman to organize a wedding without referrals of friends/relatives and without the thought of being taken for a ride by the vendors. He still could not find a great platform which helped the unorganized wedding industry (both vendor side as well as client side). They have done extensive research to find the pain points and the result is SayShaddi. Leveraging the best in web technology, it helps the to-be-wed couples and their parents to easily and efficiently manage everything leading up to their big day. It can also be called as a wedding professional network which connects millions of to-be-weds, parents and wedding professionals across the country and around the world. They have been working on the site for the past few months and launched it on 16th June 2013.

It  was founded to solve the big problem in the unorganized Indian wedding industry today via web technology. Weddings have always been an exhausting affair. They aim to take the agony out of your wedding planning and have a wedding beyond the ordinary. They help the to-be-weds and their family to simplify things and make the whole process hassle-free by leveraging technology just to make sure you cherish every bit of those once in a life time moments. It addresses the following concerns:

  • Who are the best vendors in the city for my wedding?
  • How good is the vendor, can I see his earlier work?
  • Am I being taken for a ride with a huge quote?
  • Cheap quotes doesn’t necessarily translate to great work!
  • A big quote from a super brand may not either, there are always a better talent out there!
  • I want a dream wedding! Where do I start?

With some key innovations tailored to the Indian scenario, SayShaadi aims to solve some real problems and deliver a product which customers and wedding professionals want. The future of Indian Wedding Planning is here,adds Nithin.

SS3Nithin Baalay is the Founder & CEO of SayShaadi and handles a small team comprising of full timers, part timers and & freelancers. Nithin is a product guy, loves the web, believer of the lean startup idea and a computer science engineer. He is extremely passionate about everything related to the web and is responsible for leading the product design and end-to-end activities at SayShaadi. Previously he worked with BuyThePrice which was later acquired by Tradus,World Media Group & before starting his own venture. He comes with a strong Ivy League educational background from Columbia University where he pursued his Masters and holds a Bachelors Degree from CBIT, Osmania University in Computer Science and Engineering.

Some of the key feature of SayShaadi which provide a much better experience and in-depth information thantheir competitors are listed below:

Vendor Search: Short list vendors in your city. Use of Smart filters to get a smaller list.

Vendor ProfileVery detailed, informative and beautiful web presence.

Showcase :Showcase is an inspiration gallery. Searching for “Bridal Saree in Red with Kundan Work” from the best vendors and from real weddings is just a click away. Great place to start to know more about the latest trends and for ideas.

My Wedding: This is the users account where we provide a basic checklist for the wedding. The user can also shortlist vendors and save this information in his account. The user also has the ability to save and share photos from the showcase and playlists and share it with friends, family and vendors.

Marketplace: If you would like to approach the old-fashioned way, we have it too but we have made it transparent. Client can post requirements and vendors bid for the project.

Deals and Events: They showcase exclusive deals by the vendors on SayShaadi. Events section features all the wedding related events in your city.

Songs: An Indian wedding is incomplete without songs and party. We have compiled the best of songs suitable for weddings, sangeet or dance parties. Save the list and share it with your friends or the DJ.


To  plan a wedding please log on to  SayShaadi & make it your DREAM WEDDING.

Geekopedia wishes SayShaadi best of luck for future endeavors.

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Curated Content from the Editorial Team of Geekopedia

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