With startup Shaadi Magic Keep your Wedding Woes At Bay

  • Should we have a destination wedding?
  • What should be food menu?
  • And the décor?
  • Who is the best in city?
  • Invitation cards?
  • Wedding photographers?
  • Wedding dress specialists?
  • Do you know any Mehendi waali??

If these are the questions in your mind, Shaadimagic is the answer!


Undoubtedly, Wedding day is a fun day…but the day is just a culmination of many days of hard work that every member of the family puts in. Because for your wedding, you want nothing but the best.And the best is what Manish Grover and Sameer Grover – two brothers from Delhi – have put in a platter for you. Whether these are ideas and suggestions, wedding trends, beauty tips, honeymoon guide, nearby vendors, wedding planning tools or online shopping facility, these two passionate entrepreneurs have got it all.

 What Does Shaadimagic Do?

The Indian wedding industry is growing at 30% annually and is worth $25 billion. An average of INR 17.5 Lacs is spent on an Indian wedding. Ensuring you get value for money, Shaadimagic launched one-of-a-kind digital platform that offers end-to-end wedding planning.


  • Is an online wedding planning magazine
  • Is a search engine where one can find user rated and reviewed wedding vendors
  •  Bridges gap between buyers and seller
  • Offers expert guidance on all wedding related topics


A Blessing For Interstate Weddings

“In today’s time where your job can send you anywhere in the country, interstate weddings can cause trouble”, Manish, an Electronic & Communication engineer and MBA in marketing says. Manish who has three years of experience in entrepreneurship, marketing and consulting, has handled project worth $4 billion in a top management firm.You or a family member needn’t take leaves to hunt for vendors in another city. Just visit ShaadiMagic and get value-for-money deals. We have a whopping 1.75 Lacs vendors listed on our database catering entire country including tier II cities, he beams.

Future Of Shaadimagic.com

The idea came to us at a friend’s wedding in Feb 2011. The goal was simple – make the tedious wedding planning experience comfortable. Shaadimagic would not only help the 10 million plus users of matrimonial sites but also their family members who play a crucial part in wedding planning. And with the average age of Indian projected to be 29 years in 2020 and 400 million marrying in India in next 15 years, shaadimagic will rescue even more number of families from the woes of wedding planning,” Sameer says.

There are around 2 Cr. Indian Facebook users in the age group of 18 to 32 who are single, engaged or in a relationship. Now that’s a huge opportunity. Sameer says their venture is a continuous learning experience and knowing that every moment their services are somewhere helping someone keeps them motivated. Sameer Grover is an Electronic & Communication engineer and has over 8 years of experience in handling large teams.

Geekopedia wishes ShaadiMagic best of luck for future endeavors

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Curated Content from the Editorial Team of Geekopedia


Curated Content from the Editorial Team of Geekopedia

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