SharingDard startup helps you to Share your Emotions, Feelings, Grief,Secrets & Dard anonymously

Give a man a mask & he will tell you the Truth ~ Oscar Wilde. The quote seems to be apt  for Sharingdard which is more than sharing truth. It is about sharing everything with a mask.

SDSharingdard have created an environment which is parallel to one’s real life minus one’s real identity.


With Sharingdard one can share one’s emotions,feelings,secrets,fantasies,grief,DARD. Dard(Grief), a word whose impact on our lives we fail to understand! Dard(Grief) has the power to influence and direct our Emotions, Actions and Reactions to such an extent that we could never imagine. A lot of times people find themselves facing or having faced situations which hurt them emotionally. Numerous scientific studies suggest that this emotional disturbance can be reduced if one speaks it out or shares it with a person who has had similar experiences.

SharingDard was founded in 2012, but the idea behind it took seed much before that.It all started from the room of IIM Lucknow where all the founders used to hang out & have private parties.It was during those parties that they realised that every  one is sorrounded with different problems but the only magnitude of the problem varies from people to people.It was then they thought of a online platform for people to share their problems which eventually led to the birth of SharingDard.


It has been founded by Sumant Gajbhiye, Gaurav Rajan and Ritika Sharma with Lima James being the core team member. Sumant Gajbhiye has earned a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Engineering followed by an MBA from India’s premier Management Institute – Indian Institute of Management (IIM) Lucknow. He has worked with Accenture prior to MBA and post MBA he worked with Airtel. Gaurav Rajan is also an Electronics Engineer and has an MBA from IIM Lucknow. He is the most experienced in the bunch with over 7 years of work experience in MNCs like Wipro,Nortel & Larsen & Toubro etc. Ritika Sharma is a food technologist, who completed her MBA from IIM Lucknow and has worked with GlaxoSmithKline as the National Key Account Manager. Lima James is a biotechnologist and has earned an MBA from IIM Lucknow and post her MBA has worked with Lenovo as Channel Sales Manager for the Mumbai region.

Sharingdard being the first emotional networking website, which provides its users with a place where they can be their true selves. People put their best face forward (literally) on almost every social networking platform. But very few people want to expose their hurt, scared, deceived, depressed, confused selves to the world; there is no reason they should, just to bear the brunt of the judgmental and condemning eyes of the society. Thus SharingDard provides that safe place where they don’t care what your identity is; they only care about you and your feelings. The best thing about SharingDard is that people have been so helpful to others- using their own similar experience to reinstate that ‘this too shall pass’.

It has various revenue sources, the primary one being its tele-counselling arm called ‘Your Candid Friend’ ( revenue streams include advertisements, integrated e-commerce site & a commission based model with psychologists/counselors/psychiatrists.

So wait is over now log on to SharingDard and speak out your true feelings.

Geekopedia wishes SharingDard best of luck for future endeavors.

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Curated Content from the Editorial Team of Geekopedia

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