Startup Hitsteps help you to manage Visitors and Web analytics

HITHitsteps Analytics is a powerful real time visitor management and live chat tool. It allows you to view your visitors stream and follow each visitors to know more about each pages they see. It allow you to engage with your visitors using live chat tool. You’ll be provided with detailed information about each visitor such as geo-location, their first visit on your site, referer to your site, their browser, OS and device and much more! Advantages over Google analytics includes but not limited to Detailed information of each and all visitors, ability to engage with visitors using live chat tool, heatmap for each pages, carefully pre-generated and categorized reports, real-time analytic on all reports and much more.

Hitsteps Analytics provide you below features :

  • Live Dashboard
  • Entry/Exit Page Reporting
  • Browsers Used
  • Top Keywords
  • WordPress Email Integration
  • Recent Visitors
  • Top Referrals
  • Multiple Site & User Management
  • Keyword Analytics, Recent Searches
  • Live Support With Visitors
  • Download & External Link Tracking
  • iPhone, iPad & Android Support
  • HTTPS Tracking
  • In depth Traffic Sources
  • Country Tracking

Hitsteps offer a free seven day trial period, then you need to purchase an appropriate plan starting from $5.99 to continue using Hitsteps service. Your account can have Starter, Basic, Deluxe, Pro, Super Pro and Ultimate Licenses. You need to get one of them based on your monthly pageviews, number of sites you have added to track and features you need

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Curated Content from the Editorial Team of Geekopedia