Startup SupportBee is a Webtool for managing Support Emails hustle free


Businesses need a simple solution like Gmail which is built for teams to manage their support emails. An exclusive web tool SupportBee is the solution businesses are looking for to manage the emails hustle free. Support Bee is simple and well designed software that helps teams to collaborate & deliver friendly customer support. Their feature-set and pricing makes it easy and inexpensive for businesses to involve their entire team in customer support. SupportBee is distinct from its rival companies because of the pricing they offer. The pricing is based on the volume of the tickets starting at $19/month for 300 tickets/month and goes up to $349/month for 15000 tickets /month. Every plan comes with the unlimited agents.Pricing

The company has been founded by Prateek Dayal and Nithya Rajaram in August 2010.They are not new to the startups. Prior to founding SupportBee they have cofounded Muziboo & AboutMyBrowser. Muziboo is a free music upload tool and AboutMyBrowser is service which generates a link that can be shared with support agent or a friend who can help one with the computer troubles. AboutMyBrowser got a phenomenal 46000 visits within 24 hours after it was put on Hacker News.

SupportBee is being used by large customers some of the noted ones are TechCrunch, Fashion &You, Fetchnotes etc. Some of the features that make it distinct from others are listed below:

1) Interface like a Email
2) No per agent Fees
3) Mobility – Access anywhere provided you are having a browser
4) Hosted and Managed
5) Collaboration with the entire team
6) Real Updates.

According to the company philosophy SupportBee is the “Software built for teams that trust each other”.

SupportBee Team
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Curated Content from the Editorial Team of Geekopedia

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