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A lazy Sunday afternoon, 4 friends with coinciding interests & a plethora of creative ideas, BANG! We get a new entertainment company – The FishTank. This is the story behind the inception of a next generation entertainment firm. It all started over some lighthearted conversations, while discussing random subjects when suddenly one of the founders came up with the idea of a TV Reality show that no one had ever tried before.

When we first heard the idea, we felt that if done correctly, it is going to be something that can rewrite our destinies, says Pradeep, Founder & Director, The FishTank

Taking the initial idea forward and making way for the new ones, the team thought of materializing their thoughts in a professional way and turning them into reality. That’s wen The Fishtank was born.

The core idea behind the Fishtank is to try hard to push the boundaries of Regional entertainment. These four lads want to start small by operating in Regional entertainment industry and aim to gain enough exposure & experience to proceed to do much bigger projects nationwide. They hope to make their own contribution to change the face of Indian entertainment by creating better TV shows and producing kickass events.


The FishTank envisions of becoming a full-fledged production house capable of producing feature films with high production values.

The venture radiates a high level of Creativity and Innovation, which we not only see in the company name but also in the website design. From the birth of the company to how they arrived at the name, The Fishtank, they believe, everything they do should have a beautiful story associated with it. Do check their blog “Whatsitcalled?” for the complete story on how they named this entertainment company.

In addition, the website is a masterpiece in itself. With the look that of a fish tank, you see bubbles and fish as you scroll down the website eventually reaching the bottom of the fishtank. It’s definitely worth a visit – TheFishTank Website

Founded by 4 friends, Pradeep, Srikant, Pawan and Bhargav, they all carry different traits – A writer, A filmmaker, A businessman, A philosopher. All of them have one single unanimous goal – uplift the face of Entertainment.

FishTank is currently working on a fictional TV show in Telugu that is in pre-production stage and also working on an event scheduled to go live in September. Five years from now, they hope to execute atleast half of their ideas for entertainment projects, spanning across TV Shows, Live events and a feature film too.

Geekopedia wishes The FishTank great success in its endeavours.


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Curated Content from the Editorial Team of Geekopedia

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